MEDITATION.WORKS simplifies and helps facilitate the practice of meditation with our Guided Meditations and Meditation Workshops, so you can take full advantage of the multiple benefits meditation has to offer.

Relax your way, in just 15, 30 or 60 minute increments, to the attainment of any wellness or personal goal.

It is a fact that being continually stressed and anxious causes your health and well-being to suffer tremendously. Our highly effective Guided Meditations in 15, 30 or 60 minute versions will help you reduce stress and anxiety by up to 40% instantly and also help you achieve any wellness goal you aspire to 4 x faster, among many other benefits.

That is not just a promise, it is a scientific fact. Our Guided Meditation MP3’s are easily downloadable so you can listen any time: while commuting to or from work, while taking a well-deserved break at work, while going for a walk, before going to be bed, or any other time (but please, do not listen to them while driving or operating heavy machinery!)

Our Guided Meditations work by stimulating your brain to release natural hormones and neurochemicals already present in your body that will relax, invigorate and rejuvenate you, and by connecting you to the part of you that’s already at peace and expansive: your authentic self. All you need to do is download, relax and listen.

We are MEDITATION.WORKS, and we are here to help you quiet your mind and cultivate lasting inner peace, reduce stress & anxiety, build resilience and achieve any wellness or personal goal you would like to achieve.

"I am extremely impressed with the quality, content, research and the variety of topic offerings for MEDITATION.WORKS Guided Meditation recordings and Workshops. Renata shows her excellent skills, knowledge, and leadership for others to feel less stress and more resilience so people can settle their minds, feel joy, and have a compassionate heart filled with gratitude. Renata demonstrates loving kindness, zest, and shares her positive strengths and energy for all of us to enrich our own lives. MEDITATION.WORKS Guided Meditations are an invaluable resource to quiet the mind, relieve stress, and achieve any wellness goal."

- Dr. Rose K. Gantner, author of "Workplace Wellness; Performance With a Purpose", Well Works Publishing, and Leading Workplace Wellness Consultant




As a meditator of 35+ years, I believe there is nothing as meaningful or powerful as knowing the self; finding a way to be “in this world, but not of it”.

As a Certified Mindful Meditation Instructor, there are aspects of meditation, methods thereof and of setting an intention that will assist in achieving any goal - once one is willing and open to try - and continue trying until said goal is attained.

I am also a Certified Unity Bubble Facilitator and would be honoured to assist you in that regard. For more information about the Unity Bubble and the incredible work of the late Jonathan C.R. Davies and his wife, Hazel Davies, please go to To see a list of Unity Bubble Facilitators, please go to

My goal through MEDITATION.WORKS is to get everyone who would like to get on the path of meditation actually meditating, and benefiting100% from the myriad benefits that meditation offers. I have made it virtually effortless for anyone to do so. Just download as many of my Guided Meditation MP3’s as you would like. There are quite a few relevant subjects to choose from.

We deserve a better world, and you deserve to be at peace, connected, and happy in it - and not of it.

With great thanks, Renata

MEDITATION.WORKS is a change agent!

Along with being a proponent of greater health, addiction-free living, greater resilience and creativity, we encourage acts of compassion, care of one another, 'responsive' rather than 'reactive' decision-making, and building an inclusive world of 'we' as opposed to an egoic construct, 'I, me, my' world through the practice of meditation.

Happy meditating!"

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