It's been scientifically proven: that people who meditate are healthier, happier, and greater contributing members of society in general.

They have better physical stamina, a better immune system, a lower heart rate, and heal 4 x faster, no matter what wellness initiative they undertake.

They're more self-confident, have more will power and inner strength, suffer less from depression and anxiety, have fewer addictions,  and take up to 70% less sick days.

They're able to think clearly, have a greater attention span, better reasoning skills, and are able to function effectively under stress.

 They're able to see "the big picture", solve complex problems, are less aggressive, more self-actualized, and have a greater capacity for love and acceptance.

They have higher energy levels, are more fulfilled, are more emotionally mature and more empathetic, have better inter-personal relationships, and are just plain more fun to be around.

They're younger looking (for regular meditators, up to 12 years less than their chronological age) , and don't suffer the effects of aging on the brain and body as much.

They have better digestive systems, and can lose or gain weight more easily when they want to.

They're more creative because their left and right brain hemispheres brain communicate more effectively, their mind is filled with less clutter, and they're less easily distracted.

They're more grounded, people tend to rely on them during a crisis, and they're able to “live in the present” rather than fret over future desires or past regrets.

Overall, they feel AMAZING when they meditate and as a result of meditating, due to the serotonin (a natural chemical that is released in the brain during meditation, improving mood and making one feel good naturally).

Here's the bottom line: Happier people make happier employees, which makes the world a better place - for everyone.



Renata Duma, creator of MEDITATIONWORKS and MW Guided Meditations.