The following was written by my dear friend Aleksandra Knezevich just a month or so before she passed away, suddenly, in 2012. Aleksandra was a great, great soul and helped many people live more joyful and fulfilling lives through finding their authentic selves through encouraging daily meditation and through the practice of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian method of clearing karmic connections through the recitation of a mantra: “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.”

Though this mantra may sound simple, I assure you, it is quite the opposite – and deeply effective. I had a deeply profound and transformative experience with Aleksandra while working with her through Ho’oponopono, one that is almost beyond belief and defies description. All I can say is that during that session with Aleksandra, I felt an enormous, palpable release of negative energy from my body… I felt light and full of promise… and that I was so very, very loved by God - or the universe, or whatever you want to call that all-pervading love energy that we are of, and contain. My life began to blossom and unfold and blossom in leaps and bounds afterward, and it was because of this profound experience that Aleksandra and I began to develop MEDITATIONWORKS together. Sadly, that was not where her path would lead her.

Aleksandra is sorely missed, not just by me and her loving family, but by the countless individuals she was devoted to helping along their path in life. To learn more about the magic of Ho’oponopono and what a positive impact it can have on your life, pick up the book by Joe Vitale who talks with long-time Ho’oponopono practitioner, Dr. Hew Len, called Zero Limits. I’d say it’s a must read and teaches us why the Ho’oponopon is so effective in freeing us so that we can live a life with zero limits. I hope Aleksandra’s words, below, will be as impactful for you, if not more so, than they have been for me.

by Renata Duma, Founder of MEDITATIONWORKS


Meditation brings awareness - and awareness creates new outcomes, by Aleksandra Knezevich

Awareness, or "being aware", means that whatever happens in the moment is experienced with complete consciousness, rather you - your total awareness - are present there.

If you are present when, for example, the negative state of anger is happening, anger cannot happen. Anger can only happen when you are fast asleep. When you are fully aware, present and immediate, the process of inner transformation begins: When you are present and aware, negative states like anger are simply not possible. They cannot exist in the presence of awareness - or inner light.

We are habitual beings, and in order to "be aware", we require practice, and the best practice is regular meditation.

 "All of man’s problems stem from his inability to sit quietly with himself." - Pascal

Let's look again at the state of anger: Like the majority of us who are striving for positive change, you too, have most likely been trying to change many things within or about you. Ask yourself, have you succeeded? How many times have you tried to change things within you or about you? Have you succeeded? How many times have you said to yourself you will never be angry again? What happened to your decision? Here is the likely scenario:

The inevitable moment arises: Your anger is triggered and you fall into the same trap as you have so many times before - and become angry. After the anger has gone, you repent once again, making the same promise to never be angry again to yourself, only to find you're unable to break the cycle no matter how much you try. It has become a vicious cycle – you enter into a state of anger - then repent - then helplessly, become angry again.

Here is the key: While you are repenting, like when you are displaying anger, you are not present - you are not aware, because the repentance is a part of your past, as is the tendency towards exhibiting anger. That’s why nothing happens. You go on trying and trying, vowing over and over again to never repeat the angry behaviour, but nothing happens, and you remain the same.

Not that you haven't tried - not that you haven't tried enough - you have tried, and tried, and tried, and yet you fail, because the ability to change is not just a question of effort. More effort won’t help. It is a question of being aware, of being present in the moment, and not just of making an effort.

In terms of relationships, if you are looking for the perfect, loving relationship for you, be more aware. When you are aware, you are at peace, and when you are at peace there is no self-doubt: Just truth is present - no nagging questions - no haunting fears - and no doubts. This is vital; this is what needs to be remembered. Self-doubt is dangerous: It repels positive outcomes because it blocks the natural state of love - and creates chaos. When you are aware and at peace, there can be no self-doubt, no nagging self-questioning, and there is no expectation: You are who you are, and you are perfect. This is the key to finding and maintaining a loving relationship. Love transmutes - love heals - YOU are love…and when you start your day with a moment of silence, a moment when you close your eyes and just simply extend your love to your own, precious self, and say "I love you", you become aware - and at peace, because you have remembered yourself - and who you truly are.

The more you practice this state of awareness, the more naturally it will come to you, and the more able you will be to call it forward when you feel yourself slipping into negativity, self-doubt, or the belief that you are anything but love.