The following was written by my dear friend Aleksandra Knezevich (as was the previous blog) just a month or so before she passed away, suddenly, in 2012. Aleksandra was a great, great soul and helped many people live more joyful and fulfilling lives through finding their authentic selves through encouraging daily meditation and through the practice of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian method of clearing karmic connections through the recitation of a mantra: “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.”

Though this mantra may sound simple, I assure you, it is quite the opposite – and deeply effective. I had a deeply profound and transformative experience with Aleksandra while working with her through Ho’oponopono, one that is almost beyond belief and defies description. All I can say is that during that session with Aleksandra, I felt an enormous, palpable release of negative energy from my body… I felt light and full of promise… and that I was so very, very loved by God - or the universe, or whatever you want to call that all-pervading love energy that we are of, and contain. My life began to blossom and unfold and blossom in leaps and bounds afterward, and it was because of this profound experience that Aleksandra and I began to develop MEDITATIONWORKS together. Sadly, that was not where her path would lead her.

Aleksandra is sorely missed, not just by me and her loving family, but by the countless individuals she was devoted to helping along their path in life. To learn more about the magic of Ho’oponopono and what a positive impact it can have on your life, pick up the book by Joe Vitale who talks with long-time Ho’oponopono practitioner, Dr. Hew Len, called Zero Limits. I’d say it’s a must read and teaches us why the Ho’oponopon is so effective in freeing us so that we can live a life with zero limits. I hope Aleksandra’s words, below, will be as impactful for you, if not more so, than they have been for me.

by Renata Duma, Founder of MEDITATIONWORKS


The power of “beginning again”, by Aleksandra Knezevich

It’s been scientifically proven that people who have practiced meditation for 5 years are biologically 12 years younger than their chronological peers… this among many, many other incredible benefits of daily meditation. And we’re not talking about hours and hours of meditation: We’re talking about just 15 minutes a day!

The key word here is “practice”, namely being consistent and meditating daily. Meditate for 15 - 20 minutes a day, and not only will you look younger, feel far more grounded and energized, but you'll experience a much better overall quality of life (among many other positive results from meditation) than those who do not.

As we meditate, we concentrate on our breathing and "get back to ourselves". It can’t be helped: random thoughts and feelings continually rise up and try to claim our attention. It is our practice to repeatedly observe these thoughts and feelings – and while observing them, to let them go with love, over and over again, thereby "beginning again" with every moment, returning to the awareness of our breath, and returning, over and over again, back to ourselves – back to the source. 

The “mind chatter” or moments of distraction that come up during meditation do so for everyone, and they are an opportunity to practice "passive observation", and to begin again and again, just letting those thoughts and emotions float by and repeatedly return back to ourselves as we discover we’ve been distracted, then beginning, over and over again to observe passively, with love and compassion for one's self.

We practice letting these thoughts go without judgement as to their content or as to what they are. This is the most important step in learning how to be more present and centered. Do this, and almost immediately, you will feel the immense healing power of being able to begin again, no matter where your attention has gone, or how for how long. Practising to begin again is one of the most important skills you can bring to your everyday life. No matter where you are during the day, no matter what the circumstances are: No matter how hurt you are or how scared you are, you just need to know that you have an incredible gift - a power within you - the power of beginning again with love and compassion for yourself. This is the immense healing power that will lead you - and your life - into peace and prosperity.

Wishing you peace, and lots of new beginnings!