It’s a MAD MAD MAD MAD world out there… And it’s getting madder, in fact, by the minute. Being a first generation Ukrainian Canadian has given me pause to think long and hard about what we might be do to stop the violence and corruption that has seized Ukraine today… and anywhere else in the world that violence, corruption, war, aggression and intolerance real their ugly heads. Aside from starting with the self and living a non-violent existence – and meditating on peace – there’s one more thing we can do… and that’s to agree with Pope Benedict the XVI and the Dalai Lama - and teach our children how to meditate. Why?

Over 40 years of scientific research has already proven that just 15 minutes of meditation a day can reduce stress and anxiety immediately by up to 40% and eliminate the harmful toxins they release in the body that are the underlying cause of most diseases in the world today. It can also help you achieve any wellness initiative undertaken 4x FASTER. But that’s not all, and here’s the key:

Meditation also grows the part of your brain that makes you feel good (optimistic, compassionate and full of possibility) and shrinks the part that makes you feel bad (depressed, anxious, pessimistic and fearful).

While I was in class one day last year at the University Of Toronto, Factor-Inwntash Faculty of Social Work, earning my Mindfulness Meditation Instructor accreditation, the most amazing!!! Dr. Michele Chaban, also the founder of the course, shared with the class something quite astounding: The year before, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI approved meditation instruction throughout the Catholic School Board, and it was one of the graduates of the course at U of T that spearheaded the initiative to obtain the documentation from His Holiness that was subsequently presented to the Catholic Board. I guess His Holiness agreed with the Dalai Lama who has often been quoted as saying "If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation." 

Food for thought... rather to let the thoughts float by while in meditation, and literally cultivate our compassion through meditation... and teach our children how to do the same – for the highest and greatest good of all - and a future replete with world peace.

by Renata Duma, Creator of MEDITATIONWORKS