In a recent article on (Feb, 2010), the following was published: “Meditation is gaining new respect among neurologists, psychiatrists and others who study the brain. An increasing volume of scientific study is not only showing that meditation helps reduce stress, but is offering some physiological clues about why it might be beneficial to the body and brain.” 

In a new study from Massachusetts General Hospital, research has proven that as little as eight weeks of meditation produces changes in various areas of the brain associated with feeling calmer, an improved sense of self, empathy, and memory. Though this is no new revelation because since the '70s, changes in brain waves, particularly alpha waves, were associated with the regular practice of meditation, what is new today is that with far more sophisticated brain imaging available, researchers can pinpoint where those changes are taking place - with remarkable precision.

The bigger picture is actually startling: There is a direct path that begins in the mind with meditation, mindfulness, or even with more basic things like beliefs and emotions. That path leads directly to the genes where signals are sent that modify brain cells which in turn send their own signals in the form of neurotransmitters to every cell in the body. The reason that eight weeks of daily meditation is enough to cause significant changes in the brain is that the underlying circuitry that connects the mind, genes, and the brain operates every second of our lives.

There are many different mediation techniques, however one of the simplest and most effective is meditation through visualization – also known as guided meditation through creative visualization – and it refers to ways that affect the outer world through changing one's thoughts. Literally then, as we are within, so we shall be from without. Creative visualization through guided meditation is the basic approach for positive thinking and optimism and is highly beneficial to any wellness initiative one undertakes: Research has proven that just 15 minutes of meditation a day will boost any wellness initiative by 25%, meaning you will heal 25% faster with the use of guided meditation. offers a myriad of medically endorsed guided meditations in 15, 30 and 60 minute versions, including an entire series on Overcoming Addiction. Please visit our website for more information – and get meditating today… It will change your life for the better. Guaranteed.

Happy meditating!

by Renata Duma, Founder,