Stress & Anxiety Buster: 15 minute version


Stress & Anxiety Buster: 15 minute version

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An excerpt:

Stress and anxiety rob you of your birthright, which is happiness. Though nothing can ultimately “make you happy” because being happy is a choice and not a byproduct of any person, place, experience or thing, stress and anxiety can keep you from experiencing happiness even when you desperately want to be happy.

All stress is ultimately caused by self-destructive behavior in the form of distractions from self, and from focusing on the small “ego” self as opposed to remaining in the awareness of the “higher self”. When we are true to ourselves, and not constantly caught up in behaviors that distract us from our true self, and are “tuned in” to our physical, emotional and psychological needs, we are not stressed. And when we feel stress or anxiety, it’s actually a good thing, because it’s our body’s way of telling us that we are not “in the flow” and that it needs a change in behaviour.

Stressful events and situations will always exist, as will strain in relationships, bad investments or choices, job loss, divorce, illness, the effects of social and mainstream media, and family demands. You can’t make the world go away. But you can learn to cope with it effectively so it doesn’t continually stress you out and ultimately rob you of your peace of mind and happiness. Continue to focus on your deep in-breath and long out-breath.

Events and situations like the ones just mentioned are just that – events and situations. Put into perspective, they will occur throughout your life – for as long as you exist. That is not to negate their value, significance, or impact. Put into perspective, most everyone in the world, this very moment, is going through something stressful. The difference between someone who will cope well with the ensuing stress and someone who will not depends on whether they have an underlying understanding of what is actually going on – and whether they are “reacting” or “responding” to said event or situation. A person who “reacts” to an event or situation has given the event or situation control or power over them. They are reacting physically, emotionally and psychologically, in varying degrees of intensity, to their own detriment, and usually make poor choices as a result, that are based on heated or hurt emotions…

….in the meantime, how do you deal with the stress and anxiety itself? The following technique has been used successfully for centuries to alleviate stress and anxiety. Implementing the necessary changes you need to make when it comes to the events or situations you find are causing you stress in your life, along with putting things into perspective, meditating on them in order to find clarity, then learning how to clear the toxins of stress and anxiety from your body, will lead to a more rewarding life experience – and a much happier you. Guaranteed.

Let’s begin. No matter how many distracting thoughts play in your mind or how many different feelings surface, do not be daunted by them. Just keep returning to the awareness of your breath coming in and going out of your body…