Why choose Guided Meditation, and mine, in particular?

Scientists around the world are heralding meditation as the newest, all-natural “wonder drug” for its multiple physical, mental and emotional benefits. And quite simply, Guided Meditations are the easiest way to meditate.

My medically endorsed Guided Meditations simplify the process of meditating and use the proven power of creative visualization to help you achieve any wellness goal you aspire to 4x faster (or any other goal for that matter), to de-stress by 40% almost immediately and to cultivate lasting inner peace which is the cornerstone of health happiness.

As within, so without. It is your inner world that creates and shapes your outer world, and that includes physical and emotional well-being.

“The mind cannot tell the difference between an actual, ‘real-life’ event and a vividly imagined one.” - Denis Waitley, Coach to Olympic champions and Apollo Astronauts

What usually holds people back from meditating is, A) they don't know how to, B) they are under the illusion that they have to keep thinking incessantly in order to stay vital & functional or to be successful, or C) they don't know that just 15 minutes a day of meditation can have a profound impact on overall wellness, productivity, success, and ultimately, personal happiness. All issues we fully address and provide solutions for in each of our medically endorsed Guided Meditations.

Traditional meditation techniques, though wonderful, require you to keep your mind focused and as clear as possible, which can be difficult, especially for newcomers to meditation.

So while you're on your way to becoming a master meditator, or even if you are one already, our 15, 30 or 60 minute medically endorsed Guided Meditations on a myriad of subjects, will help you slip into a deep state of relaxation and meditation virtually effortlessly, and transport you to an elevated state of consciousness from which you will emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed, uplifted, energized, significantly more resilient, way more productive and... at peace.

"I am extremely impressed with the quality, content, research and the variety of topic offerings for MEDITATION.WORKS' Guided Meditation recordings and Workshops.
Renata shows her excellent skills, knowledge, and leadership for others to feel less stress and more resilience so people can settle their minds, feel joy, and have a compassionate heart filled with gratitude.
Renata demonstrates loving kindness, zest, and shares her positive strengths and energy for all of us to enrich our own lives. MEDITATION.WORKS Guided Meditations are an invaluable resource to quiet the mind, relieve stress, and achieve any wellness goal."
- Dr. Rose K. Gantner, author of "Workplace Wellness; Performance With a Purpose", Well Works Publishing, and Leading Workplace Wellness Consultant

Dr. Rose K. Gantner, EdD, author of "Workplace Wellness; Performance With a Purpose", Well Works Publishing, and Leading Workplace Wellness Consultant, has over thirty years of experience in wellness and counseling psychology. She has worked as CEO for two hospitals for Magellan Health Service and as vice president of managed care, employee assistance programs, and wellness at Corphealth. In addition to founding and directing her own counseling and psychology practice, Dr. Gantner has served as a health management consultant to state government agencies, private organizations, and commercial groups. She is a former Senior Consultant (Health and Productivity) at the WorkPartners Division of UPMC Health Plan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

An accomplished speaker, she has taught clinical psychology and health education at three universities and presented at several national health care conferences. Dr. Gantner, who is listed in World’s Who’s Who of Women, also has published numerous articles on wellness and created a nine-part series of tapes on stress and motivation for American Learning Systems.

She received a citation from the U.S. Department of Defense for serving two tours in the Republic of South Vietnam for the American Red Cross as an executive program director. After her service abroad she earned her master’s degree in Health Education from the University of Pittsburgh and her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Auburn University.

Dr. Gantner is an avid meditator and has been consulted on the content of all Guided Meditations available through MEDITATIONWORKS. She is also a member of the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion, International Positive Psychology Association, and the National Wellness Institute. She also is a diplomate member of the American College of Wellness.