Why Meditation.Works: The Infinite Power of a New Perspective

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Thank you for joining me on the meditation journey of a lifetime!

Welcome, once again, to the NEW Meditation.Works Blog Spot, where it’s a whole new world of meditation, brought to you Meditation.Works style!

Last week I talked about the“Gotta GO, Gotta DO!” mindset we’ve been conditioned to believe is essential to a life well lived – NOT! – and the resultant, mostly discordant 100,000 thoughts that go careening through our minds every day like balls of whizzing snakes.

I also talked about the fact that this mindset keeps us enslaved by the illusion that we’re actually human “DOINGS” and not the amazing, 12-stranded human “BEINGS” we actually are slowly waking up to become.

I trust you took that information to heart and were more “Human BEING” than “Human DOING” last week, and that you found time to rest and rejuvenate YOU through whatever means you require, and that your meditations, whether Guided or not, have brought you the results or answers you’ve been seeking.

Or at least a “new perspective” on an old or current situation you haven’t been able to solve or resolve as of yet.

The Infinite Power of a New Perspective

It occurred to me, just this week, after seeing a familiar photo of a place on Earth that I know well, taken from a different angle or different perspective. It was so different, in fact, I didn’t even recognized the place.

Here’s that photo:

That got me thinking that meditation is a lot like that, in essence. Both Guided and Non-Guided Meditations. And it’s all about cultivating an “inner perspective” on the outer world – and what ails you – to help you sort yourself out. Let me explain.

The NEW Guided Meditation I’ll be releasing today to my YouTube Channel, in both 15 and 30 Minute Versions, entitled, “Cultivating Clarity and Concentration”, has within it a particular tried-and-true method of clearing negative and distracting thoughts and emotions that get in the way of your absolute clarity and acute concentration capabilities.

It is, most likely, a different way of approaching overcoming negative thought-forms and emotions than you have ever tried.

It is also providing you with a new perspective on something you may or may not have thought you could even do. As such, this Guided Meditation will have indeed “altered your perspective” in order to see a situation more clearly.

Here’s a more typical photo of the bird’s eye image that eluded me, above. It is none other than the breathtaking Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. It’s a magical tidal island that’s topped by a gravity-defying medieval monastery, and is among France’s most stunning sights. For centuries it was a major pilgrimage destination for spiritual seekers from all over Europe. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is its breathtaking bay.

Once again, it’s all about the perspective something affords us, and with a new perspective, comes clarity, a most sought-after state, given our typically clouded vision, due to that “Human DOING” mindset mentioned above.

Take heart! There’s a solution to obtaining clarity on your imminent horizon… and here it is!

The Cultivating Clarity and Concentration Guided Meditation

The Cultivating Clarity and Concentration Guided Meditation, in both the 15 and 30 Minute Version, can be found on the Guided Meditations Page of this Blog, or you can simply click on the links found below and get instant access to them.

The Cultivating Clarity and Concentration Guided Meditation works through the magic of creative visualization, which is actually more scientific than magical, but I like to think it’s a certain “kind” of magic we can all call upon and use at any time to improve virtually any area of our lives – or the lives of others.

The Guided Meditation asks you to visualize “…a deep-purple, translucent and magnificent, swirling spiral of light, the circumference of your outstretched arms and twice your height…

Whenever negative or stressful thoughts, memories or emotions present themselves, you can surrender them to the brilliant purple spiral. The spiral’s purpose is to melt away the negative energy of those thoughts, memories or emotions, thereby removing their negative impact on you, so you no longer feel stressed or anxious…

The negative or distracting thought or emotion will likely not reappear to you again, or at least be less destructive the next time it does because yo have surrendered it to the spiral…

The spiral is one with your higher mind, or higher self, which has the ability to cognate and synthesize brilliant ideas, receive intuition and inspiration and neutralize negative thoughts. You have given your higher mind permission to diffuse what was causing you stress and anxiety, and have allowed for the clarity necessary for the perfect solution to make itself apparent to you. You are now no longer clouded over by negative thinking and solutions come to you easily…”.

Tonight’s “Super-Bright Snow Moon” – February 1, 2020

It wouldn’t be Meditation.Works Blog Post if I didn’t mention what’s happening in the heavens above. Especially that ol’ moon (or is it really a “moon”? More on that in upcoming posts). It has such a profound effect on all of us, especially when it’s FULL, or SUPER-FULL, like NOW.

According to the NY Post, “A full moon being hailed as a “super snow moon” is sure to get spectators howling when it hovers in the sky Monday night into Tuesday morning — because it will be the biggest and brightest of the year.

The sky-gazing spectacle — the biggest event since last month’s “super blood wolf moon eclipse” — will feature a supermoon, meaning the moon is both full and at its perigee, the point in its orbit where it’s closest to the Earth, Space.com reported. The event will officially occur in the morning, but when the moon crosses the night sky, it will be brighter than at any point of the year, or even until 2026, according to Forbes.

The moon will be 221,734 miles from Earth, around 17,000 miles closer than average. And, because 100 percent of the moon’s surface will be illuminated by the sun, it will appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than normal, according to the site.

The term “snow moon” has historically been given to the second full moon of the winter, when more snowfall is recorded, by some Native American tribes, according to NASA.”

What better time to take advantage of cultivating your precious inner light when the moon is at it’s biggest and brightest!

The Snow Moon’s and the New Perspective it Brings

Speaking of a “new perspective on things”, I’d like to share most of a wonderful post I found about tonight’s Virgo Full Snow Moon, as it’s already started to pack quite an emotional punch.

According to Tanaaz, the brilliant and intuitive astrologer who aims to use her writing to heal and inspire, and creator of https://foreverconscious.com:

“Looking at the world through our higher mind definitely gives us a new perspective, and allows us to see beyond our own egos.

The light of this Full Moon is going to be so strong, and the pull of its energy is going to be intense that we will have no other choice but to open up.

The contents of our lives will be released and exposed, we will be cut open, and free to see what is really brewing on the inside.

This exposure and release can happen on a mind, body, spirit level or on a combination of all three.

On a mental level, this Full Moon is going to be exposing all that we need to release and let go of. While this is typical for most Full Moons, on this Virgo Moon we are specifically going to be encouraged to let go of repetitive thoughts, over-thinking, worries, and fears of the future.

To help us with this, the Universe may stir some of our core fears, or agitate some of our beliefs in order to help bring awareness and exposure to them.

Most of us have fear lurking in the corner of our minds and hearts and, while this is part of our human experience, the more conscious we can become of our fear, the more it helps us to know when it is driving our decisions or when it is simply in the background as a way to protect us.

Fear can be healthy in reasonable doses, but most of us are over-driven with fear, which keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns and in a lower vibrational state.

On this Full Moon, work on becoming aware of your fears. Acknowledge them. Stand them down. Pierce them with your gaze straight to their core, for doing so will loosen their grip on your life.

Sometimes, all you have to do is become aware of where you are operating with fear and the rest will follow.

The Universe is saying to you – ‘release the fears that hold you back and bond you to these earthly illusions. On the other side of your fear is everything you have ever wanted, everything you have ever dreamed of. Your fears are not to be ignored, but rather they are to be challenged. Rise up to them, for you are strong enough, and the power of this Moon will be helping you.

On a physical level, this Full Moon may also put a spotlight on your health. If you have not been looking after yourself, or if you have been ignoring any lingering symptoms, it is going to be important to take action around this Full Moon.

Self-care is always so important, but on this Full Moon we really have to pay attention and look after our physical bodies as much as possible. A huge part of this is also practicing self-love, and accepting our bodies no matter what, even if we are faced with illness or disease.

Our bodies are the vessel that we have chosen to carry our soul through this earthly journey. The shape of our body, the state of our body is the perfect vessel for the lessons and growth that our soul is here to do. Honor your body, honor any perceived flaws, and know that you are perfect.

Allow the light of the Moon to shine down on your face and soak up the healing vibes it emits. Allow the light of the Moon to beam straight into your core, so it can recharge your energy centers, awaken your soul, and revitalize your body.

On the deepest soul level, this Full Moon is helping to awaken our potential within. This Full Moon is helping to crack us open so we can see beyond our beliefs and into a new reality.

We perceive our reality to be a solid, three-dimensional world, but for those who have expanded their mind and awareness, it is easy to see that there are dimensions beyond this, life beyond this, and realms beyond this.

Life is not only what we see, there is an unseen world too, and if you open to the Moon’s energy, if you allow its light to shine straight through your soul, you will be able to awaken this awareness and see that life can be imagined and lived in far more detail, in far more vivid color, and with far more magic.

The Meditation.Works Cultivating Clarity and Concentration Guided Meditation is a perfect one to do tonight, in the light of the full moon, as it encourages you to release all negative thoughts and emotions that are standing in the way of your crystal clear clarity, fierce concentration and the boundless inspiration you will connect with as a result!

Here are the links to both the 15 and 30 Minute Versions:

The Cultivating Clarity and Concentration Guided Meditation – 15 Minute Version:

The Cultivating Clarity and Concentration Guided Meditation – 30 Minute Version:

About Meditation.Works Guided Meditations

Meditation.Works Guided Meditations in 15 and 30 minute versions make it virtually effortless to incite real change for the better in your life.

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BTW, it’s Meditation “dot” Works, because meditation really DOES WORK! 🙂

Once again, please allow me to express my gratitude…

Meditation has given my life richness and meaning beyond words, and I am passionate about sharing my Guided Meditations, and the myriad transformational benefits meditation offers, with the world.

It is my sincerest wish that my Guided Meditations bring you the results you are looking for in your meditation practice, and that you continue to come back and listen to more Meditation.Works Guided Meditations on subject matters that just may matter to YOU most!

Together with Meditation.Works, let’s cultivate balanced, abundant, healthy and co-creative lives, and build a global culture that advocates deep healing, self-transformation, compassion and true well-being, through the power of meditation.

Please help Meditation.Works do just that, one meditator at a time… Here’s how:

Heal the self, help others heal: Before you know it, we’re all healed!

Thanks for the gift of your time and attention!

Wishing you all the joy your heart can hold, all the love – in all its forms – that you can possibly bask in, optimum health, prosperity and abundance, the spiritual transformation you crave, and the attainment of all your wishes and goals this 2020 and beyond! 

It’s time…

With Great “Lovitude”,

Renata Duma

Questions, anyone?

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As always, till next week, Happy Meditating!


The Author

Meditation.Works Guided Meditations help you “get into”, and “stay in” meditation, with ease, so you can ”reset” your mind and body, and instantly benefit from the abundant and scientifically irrefutable benefits meditation has to offer. I'm Renata Duma, and I'm here to share my channelled Guided Meditations with you. As a life-long meditator, I am also a trance channeller, energy healer, intuitive empath and Master UNITY Bubble Facilitator. (https://unitybubble.com) Also, I have been recognized by two different Tibetan Rinpoches, once in 1985 and another time in 2013, to be the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama's Master Student. It is understood that the current 14th Dalai Lama, whose spiritual name is Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, is the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama. Both Rinpoches, separately, told me and wrote out my Tibetan name for me. It is "Yeshe Yangtsom", which means, "luminosity of wisdom". As all my Guided Meditations are directly channelled (or inspired) they have been created to broaden the mind and enhance the meditation experience for all levels of meditators by shedding wisdom and light on many of life’s obstacles that surprisingly are “the path”, and are meant for us to explore - and ultimately overcome - while learning valuable lessons as we travel our unique path. I hope you enjoy and are able to benefit and grow through the wisdom brought forward in my Guided Meditations. And thank you for your meditation practice, which not only serves your growth and expansion, but that of the collective consciousness as well during this time of the great awakening of our beloved Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Namaste. Renata a.k.a. "Yeshe Yangtsom"

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