HELP IS ON THE HORIZON! The Meditation.Works Kickstarter Campaign is NOW LIVE!

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Well, I’ve done it!

About 7 years after building the original Mediation.Works website, creating all the Guided Meditations that I have to date, and watching thousands of people go there – unexpectedly – because it all started out as a labour of love, and a promise kept to a dear departed friend…

And about 300 hours of work writing and creating the video and Kickstarter Campaign contents, checking, re-checking, writing, re-writing and hoping and praying for the best…

It’s LIVE!!!

The Meditation.Works Kickstarter Campaign is now LIVE!

Meditation is the balm your heart and soul needs, especially in these trying times…

Before I tell you all about my Kickstarter Campaign, let’s start off with a brief visualization meditation, as I’m sensing we all need this right now in a HUGE way.

Here goes:

In this particularly challenging time, I invite you to breathe in and out deeply, 3 times… Please do that now…

Bring your awareness inward and see your inner, expansive self moving energetically out into the collective consciousness of the planet, bringing your light and your love to it and the rest of the world as a great blue light… Let’s just sit with that for a moment and continue to pulse your “radiant light of lights” as you make yet another contribution to the uplifting and healing of all life on this planet…

As you continue to pulse your great light, send love to yourself also; to your beautiful, perfect body that sustains you and makes your time spent here possible…

Send love to your higher self, otherwise known as your “silent passenger” – the one who is always guiding you and leading you towards the fulfilment of your great purpose here on Earth, and that is to just BE your glorious self, and shine you luminousness upon others in whatever way you feel will best serve the planet – and your higher self, who are ONE…

Remember that ultimately, it is only TOGETHER that we can make a real change FOR THE BETTER in this world! 

Once again, as you breath in and out deeply, give one final great pulse of your divine light and love to all existence so all may HEAL and be sustained in peace, harmony and abundance… Please do that now…

Having done that, as you continue to breathe in and out, slowly, gently bring your awareness to your fingertips, to your skin, and to your surroundings…

Thank you for meditating with me and Meditation.Works… I’m sure the world felt your love and will be radiating more of the same back to you!

So this is one of the ways I’m doing my part to help uplift and heal the planet!

I’m not one to give negativity ANY energy. It simply doesn’t exist in my world as I have long given up defaulting to fear.

That said, I maintain a pragmatic stance at all times, weighing and considering many opinions and information as required before making any decisions regarding anything that comes my way.

And now THAT said, I’ve learned that my initial “gut” reaction to things is pretty much always right, despite the fact that I rarely used to listen to it – that LITTLE VOICE INSIDE YOU that says “yeah” or “nay” because I was ATTACHED to an outcome that I wanted badly.

May I say that this NEVER ends well.

Meditation is a way of honing and growing that LITTLE VOICE INSIDE YOU (like the one I just spoke about in the meditation above) that will never steer you astray! It’s your “gut”, your “intuition”, your “higher self”, your “secret passenger” speaking to you, guiding you ever so gently and consistently toward your very own North Star.

In these challenging, CHANGING times, I hope you are listening to your own LITTLE VOICE INSIDE, and you’re taking it’s advice as it BEST SUITS YOU, because only YOU know what’s best for YOU!

As we are, most of us, in solitude now, it’s a perfect time to meditate, or learn how to!

My Guided Meditations make it incredibly easy to “get into” and “stay in” meditation, and be inspired, soothed, nurtured and uplifted – and benefit 100% from the incredible benefits just 15 minutes of daily meditation offers!

Mediation.Works is here to help!


For those of you who are new to Meditation.Works, here’s a bit about me and my quest to make meditation as beneficial, easy and accessible to the world as possible!

I’m Renata Duma, and I’ve devoted thousands of hours and dollars over the past 7 years, creating and offering my FREE Guided Meditations to both new and seasoned meditators, on a growing roster of inspirational, motivational and transformational subjects, with many new Guided Meditations soon to be released for adults, children, teens and elders, on subject matters that matter to them most!

As a Mindfulness Meditation Coach, intuitive empath, healer, and a life-long meditator, my dream of a lifetime has been to share my Guided Meditations with the world for FREE, and help others heal and grow – and find their joy – through the awesome and indisputable power of meditation, wherein lies my ultimate joy.

I’m a former professional classical pianist and vocalist of 30+ years, former prime-time TV host of 15+ years, broadcasting coach, published author, poet, single mom of 18+ years, and former marketing director of a publicly traded Company.

From the original Meditation.Works Website

And now, the Mediation.Works Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE!

I have JUST launched a Kickstarter Campaign and the video that I created that’s on the Campaign page is all about Meditation.Works and how I plan to continue to bring my Guided Meditations to the world for FREE, so everyone can benefit from the many, mighty and AWESOME benefits meditation offers!

I hope you enjoy it and please share or support Meditation.Works with any one of the levels of offerings and what you will receive for them!

I am trying to raise CA$11,111 to Kickstart my Online Meditation Support Materials and T-shirt line to support the business so Meditation.Works can keep putting out FREE beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, healing and nurturing Guided Meditations for everyone to meditate with, and not just for adults but for children, teens and elders, on subject matters that matter to them most, and make this world a better place for all of us!

I sincerely appreciate any support you can offer! Even if you just “like” and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, that’s great, and thank you very much!

If you do choose to support Meditation.Works otherwise, there are several options on the Kickstarter Campaign page, including just making a donation of any amount you feel you would like to, for which I thank you in advance!

If you’re new to the Meditation.Works Channel, please check out some of my Guided Meditations in 15, 30 and 60 Minute Versions. They are all guaranteed to help you “get into” and “stay in” meditation, so you can start instantly benefitting from the many, mighty and totally AWESOME benefits meditation has to offer!

As always, Happy Meditating!

Once again, here’s the link to the Kickstarter Campaign:

The Meditation.Works Kickstarter Campaign is now LIVE!

Next weeks Blog Post…

I’ll continue with my series on Masters of Meditation in the West next week as I am overjoyed to share my Kickstarter Campaign news with you this week.

We’ll be continuing on with the Master that I mentioned last week, who the Beatles were HUGE fans of!

See you then!

For now, here’s a link to one of my Guided Meditations, The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation – 15 Minute Version:

This 15 Minute Beginner’s Guide to Meditation Guided Meditation will help you “get into” and “stay in” meditation, with ease, so you can benefit 100% from all the many and mighty benefits meditation offers!, so you don’t give up on your first – or hundredth go at it because of the dreaded “monkey mind”!

The average cognitive mind produces between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. At 60,000 thoughts per day, if you take away 8 hours for sleep (during which time the mind is busy processing complex stimuli, then using that information to make decisions during the day), that comes out to 3,750 thoughts per hour, 62.5 thoughts per minute and roughly 1 thought per second. 80% of those thoughts tend to be negative and 95% repetitive.

If we continue to repeat negative thoughts, we end up thinking way more negative thoughts than positive ones, and basically adopt a negative mindset.

It’s no surprise the cognitive mind has come to be known as “monkey mind” in meditation circles, due to its incessant thought creation or “brain chatter”, and it’s exactly this brain chatter that prevents us from accessing our “higher mind” or intuitive functions.

Here’s a secret: Nobody is actually able to calm their mind, or “turn off” their brain chatter: there are just varying degrees of tuning it out. Seasoned meditators are able to rise above it, and basically ignore it.

They believe that “what you resist, PERSISTS”, so resisting the chatter just gives rise to paying it more attention, and the more attention it gets paid, the louder it gets. So how do you actually rise above the mind chatter when you’re not a seasoned meditator?

That’s easy: just start with this Guided Meditation!

It will keep your mind chatter at bay as you focus on the POSITIVE thought process the Guided Meditation is taking you through.

If you should start noticing your own thoughts coming up, just allow them to float by… like clouds in the sky… and return to the Guided Meditation.

Eventually, with enough meditation experience, you will be able to access your higher mind with ease and begin to receive guidance directly from your higher mind – or higher self, in several different ways, which only you will be able to distinguish and recognize as appropriate and helpful to you. Meditating along with the Meditation.Works Beginner’s Guide to Meditation will help you take your first steps towards accessing higher aspects of your mind and your self.

It will also help you reduce stress and anxiety almost instantly up to 40%, along with a myriad of other benefits that both meditation in silence – and Guided Meditation – offer.

About Meditation.Works Guided Meditations

Meditation.Works Guided Meditations in 15 and 30, and sometimes 60 minute versions, make it virtually effortless to incite real change for the better in your life.

Please “LIKE” this post (at the bottom right hand of your screen) and share it and maybe even a link to my Guided Meditations with anyone you feel would benefit from them.

I’ll be releasing ONE Guided Meditation PER WEEK, so please stay tuned!

Next week I will release the first Support Meditation to the Overcoming Addiction Series that’s in 3 parts and that’s available now.

Here are links to all 3 Parts:

The Overcoming Addiction Series, Part 1: “I choose a healthy me!” – 30 Minute Version:

The Overcoming Addiction Series, Part 2: “I am not my addiction!” – 30 Minute Version:

The Overcoming Addiction Series, Part 3: “I am doing it!” – 15 Minute Version:

As always, Happy Healing and Meditating!

And if you’re so inclined, please Subscribe to this Blog Site and to my Instagram Page: Meditation.Works, and to my YouTube Channel too: Meditation Works, so you’ll be instantly notified when there’s a new Guided Meditation for you to meditate with – or to share!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is

It’s Meditation “dot” Works, because meditation really DOES WORK!

Once again, please allow me to express my gratitude…

Meditation has given my life richness and meaning beyond words, and I am passionate about sharing my Guided Meditations, and the myriad transformational benefits meditation offers, with the world.

It is my sincerest wish that my Guided Meditations bring you the results you are looking for in your meditation practice, and that you continue to come back and listen to more Meditation.Works Guided Meditations on subject matters that just may matter to YOU most!

Together with Meditation.Works, let’s cultivate balanced, abundant, healthy and co-creative lives, and build a global culture that advocates deep healing, self-transformation, compassion and true well-being, through the power of meditation.

Please help Meditation.Works do just that, one meditator at a time… Here’s how:

Heal the self, help others heal: Before you know it, we’re all healed!

Thanks for the gift of your time and attention!

Wishing you all the joy your heart can hold, all the love – in all its forms – that you can possibly bask in, optimum health, prosperity and abundance, the spiritual transformation you crave, and the attainment of all your wishes and goals this 2020 and beyond! 

It’s time…

With Great “Lovitude”,

Renata Duma

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Questions, anyone?

Have any questions or meditation experiences you would like to share? 

Whether they’re experiential, emotional or mystical, I’d love to hear from you! Please fill out the short form on the Contact page on this Site, and I’ll get back to you within 72 hours. Promise!

Please also join me on Instagram @Meditation.Works, where I’ll be sharing daily inspirations and quotes to help keep you motivated, and help keep your meditation practice engaging, inspiring and on track!

You can find the links to all my Guided Meditations in the “Guided Meditations” section of this Blog, so you can listen or download as many of my Guided Meditations as you would like… for FREE! 

Don’t forget to “Like” and “Subscribe” to my YouTube Channel, and hit that notification “Bell”, so you’ll know the moment a new Guided Meditation is uploaded to the channel. 

Remember, coming soon… 

…more Guided Meditations for adults and new Guided Meditations for children, teens and elders, on subject matters that matter to them most!

As always, Happy Meditating!

With great “Lovitude”,


Blog: https://Meditation.Works 

Email: Renata@Meditation.Works 


YouTube: Meditation Works

The Author

Meditation.Works Guided Meditations help those who want to “GET INTO”, and “STAY IN” meditation, do so with ease, so they can ”reset” their mind and body, and instantly benefit from the abundant and scientifically irrefutable benefits meditation has to offer. I’m Renata Duma, and aside from this NEW Meditation.Works Blog, where it's a whole new world of meditation, Meditation.Works style, I also offer my Guided Meditation .mp4’s, in 15 and 30 minute versions to both adult beginners and seasoned meditators, on a growing roster of inspirational, motivational and transformational subjects, with hundreds of Guided Meditations soon to be released for adults, children, teens and elders, on subject matters that matter to them most! Aside from other positions I have held and occupations I've undertaken during my lifetime, I’m a Mindfulness Meditation Coach, intuitive empath, healer and life-long meditator (at least as long as I can remember!), whose dream of a lifetime has been to share my Guided Meditations with the world, and help others heal themselves through the awesome and indisputable power of meditation and the many and mighty benefits it offers. My Guided Meditations help meditators overcome the number one reason most people quit meditating, and that is they just can’t get beyond “monkey mind”, or the incessant mental chatter that occurs as a natural response when trying to quieten the mind in silent meditation. The fact is, extensive clinical trials have proven that meditators who meditate for just 15 minutes a day – with a Guided Meditation – receive the exact same physiological, psychological and emotional benefits from meditating as when meditating in silence. That includes an instant 40% reduction in stress and anxiety, and achieving any goal 4 times faster, with a 50% increased chance of success at maintaining that goal indefinitely! My Guided Meditations also broaden the mind and enhance the meditation experience for all levels of meditators by shedding wisdom and light on many of life’s obstacles that surprisingly are “the path”, and are meant for us to explore and ultimately overcome and learn valuable lessons from... For more, please visit the ABOUT US page on the Blog Site. As always, Happy Meditating! With great "Lovitude", Renata

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