TRANSCENDENCE: Moving from Fear to LOVE; Self-isolation and a Possible Antidote… and Can Yogis FLY?

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Ocean of Love and Bliss by Alex Grey.

“She loves you, yeah, yeah… She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah…”

Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and recorded by the Beatles for release as a single in 1963, the song, “She loves you”, in the case of the Beatles, might have probably better been titled “He loves you”.

John, Paul, George and Ringo became enamoured with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, born Mahesh Prasad Varma, on January 12, 1917, in Raipur, India, as much as Maharishi became enamoured with them; George and John especially.

How it all came to be…

“In February 1967, George Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd, who was searching for spirituality in her life, came across an advertisement in a newspaper for Transcendental Meditation classes.

Immediately she signed up to be a part of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement. Boyd later told her husband about what she did and he became interested as well.

In August of that same year, the Harrisons, along with the other members of the Beatles, attended a lecture that the Maharishi was giving in London.

During their time at the conference, the Beatles announced they were giving up drugs. ‘It was an experience we went through,’ McCartney said, as quoted in Philip Norman’s Beatles book Shout! ‘Now it’s over and we don’t need it any more.’

Their stay at the conference, however, was cut short upon news of Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s unexpected death.

It was then, in 1968, that Maharishi invited the Beatles to stay at his ashram in Rishikesh, where he held a course for people who want to become Transcendental Meditation instructors.” – Wikipedia

Harrison and Lennon “In Their Element”

“Of all the Beatles at the ashram, Harrison and Lennon were the most committed to the discipline of meditation. ‘I was in a room for five days meditating,’ said Lennon in The Beatles Anthology.

John said, ‘I wrote hundreds of songs. I couldn’t sleep and I was hallucinating like crazy, having dreams where you could smell. I’d do a few hours and they you’d trip off, three- or four-hour stretches. It was just a way of getting there, and you could go on amazing trips.’

Cynthia Lennon said in Bob Spitz’s book The Beatles that for John, nothing else mattered when it came to mediation, adding ‘John and George were [finally] in their element [at the ashram]. They threw themselves totally into the Maharishi’s teachings, were happy, relaxed and above all found a peace of mind that had been denied them for so long.’

Harrison felt that both the meditation and the Maharishi made an impact in his life. ‘The meditation buzz is incredible,’ he told Paul Saltzman. ‘I get higher than I ever did with drugs. It’s simple … and it’s my way of connecting with God.’

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Beatles, Rishikesh, India, 1968

And Harrison was very serious about the band’s purpose at the ashram. ‘He was quite strict,’ McCartney later said of Harrison in The Beatles Anthology. ‘I remember talking about the next album and he would say, ‘We’re not here to talk to about music – we’re here to meditate.’ Oh yeah, all right Georgie Boy. Calm down. Sense of humor needed here, you know. In fact, I loved it there.

Despite it ending on a sour note, the Beatles’ visit made a tremendous impact and not just on the White Album. ‘The relationship between the Beatles and the Maharishi brought about an enormous interest in the West in Indian clothing, meditation, yoga and the playing of the sitar,’ wrote Paul Oliver in his book Hinduism and the 1960s.

‘Although the Beatles had apparently left Rishikesh with varying degrees of negative feelings towards the Maharishi, in later life they tended to feel more benign towards him, and to say publicly what a positive effect he had on their lives.‘”

Read the full article from Rolling Stone Magazine here:

A Love Affair Gone Not So Wrong

Despite the fact that “They loved him, yeah, yeah, yeah”, what seemed to have ended badly eventually was eventually all forgotten and forgiven.

“The Beatles’ denunciation of the Maharishi was detrimental to his reputation in the West, while their return from Rishikesh exposed differences that anticipated the group’s breakup in 1970.

Harrison later apologized for the way that he and Lennon treated the Maharishi; like many of other students at the ashram, he said that allegations concerning the Maharishi’s inappropriate behaviour were untrue. Harrison gave a benefit concert in 1992 for the Maharishi-associated Natural Law Party.

In 2009, McCartney and Starr performed at a benefit concert for the David Lynch Foundation, which raises funds for teaching TM to at-risk students. As a result of continued interest in the Beatles’ 1968 retreat, the abandoned ashram was opened to the public in 2015 and has since been renamed the ‘Beatles Ashram.'” – Wikipedia

Can Transcendental Meditators FLY?

Yogic Flyers,

Transcendental Meditation, or “TM” as it has come to be known, is a form of silent, mantra meditation, practiced twice a day for 20 minutes. It was Maharishi’s ultimate goal to achieve complete world peace through the science of Transcendental Meditation.

Andreas Thrasy, founder and CEO of MyHotels group, talking about his rewarding experience of practising TM and the TM-Sidhi Programme, said:

The TM-Sidhi Programme® is an advanced practice that allows us to think and act from the most powerful and unified level of consciousness – the inner silent level that we experience through our regular practice of Transcendental Meditation®.

Yogic Flying™ is the most powerful aspect of this programme – we experience feelings of exhilaration, expanded awareness, lightness, and ‘bubbling bliss’ whilst brainwave synchrony is maximized as the body springs forward in short hops. The inner silence and outer action of Yogic Flying provides a powerful means of stabilizing higher states of consciousness – enlightenment.

Groups of people practising the TM-Sidhi Programme decrease negative trends in society, such as crime and social conflict, thus contributing to a peaceful world (supported by over 50 scientific studies).”

The Maharishi Effect

Image courtesy of

The Maharishi Effect is a phase transition to a more orderly and harmonious state of life in society as measured by decreased crime, violence, accidents, and illness, and improvements in economic conditions and other sociological indicators. Named in honor of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who predicted it thirty years ago.

Maharishi had predicted that when a critical sub-population of individuals – 1% – experienced and stimulated the field of pure consciousness through the Transcendental Meditation Program, a type of macroscopic field effect of coherence would occur in the society and the quality of life would improve. This would manifest in more orderly and harmonious individual behaviour and a measurable improvement in the various social indices which characterise the quality of life in society.

Scientific Research and the Maharishi Effect

“During the past 25 years over 500 scientific studies have been conducted on Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying showing the wide-ranging benefits for all aspects of life.

42 of these studies have shown that when 1% of the population of any town or country practises Transcendental Meditation, or when the square root of 1% practise TM-Sidhi Yogic Flying in a group, there are dramatic positive improvements in the entire society. –

Here’s a link to a video from the International Yogic Flying Competition 2016, at MERU, Holland:

From “Yogic Flying is the practice that helps a seeker realize the lightness within themselves in the form of bliss and peace.

In this practice, there are basically three stages. They are hopping, hovering and actually flying in the sky. It is taught in the TM Siddhi program.

The first stage is hopping, bouncing or jumping with legs crossed in a lotus posture.

The second stage is hovering, flying like a frog for along feet distance about 10 feet or more, which is possible with the continuous practice of the first stage.

The third stage is when the Yogi actually flies through the air like a weightless body.

Yogic Levitation

There are several ancient Hindu scriptures, where the methods and paths to these powers have been mentioned and described.

There are stories of different Yogis flying, but many Yogis who have acquired this power and ability, don’t really expose their quality freely. They are satisfied and fulfilled with it.

Yogi Subhaya Pulavar, levitating

There are different stories and happenings, which indicates that Yogis who have gained such quality and power can fly.

It was reported that, on June 6th, 1936, the crowd of 150 people witnessed Yogi Subayah Pulavar levitating in the air for about four minutes.”

TRANSCENDING: Moving from Fear to LOVE

In TM, the mind transcends all mental activity to experience the simplest form of awareness, or Transcendental Consciousness, where consciousness is open to itself. This is known as the “self-referral” state of consciousness.

Aside from being assigned a secret “mantra” or “phrase” by a TM Teacher, TM is, in my opinion, no different from any other kind of mantra meditation, including the “flying” aspect.

There are several well-known yogis who were witnessed flying by hundreds of devotees after taking on Rainbow Body (more about that in an upcoming post) like Guru Rimpoche Padmasambhava, whose deep hand and footprints are still visited by many thousands of spiritual seekers every year.

Hand print in stone at Padmasambhava’s (Guru Rinpoche) Cave entrance,
Upper Pharping, Nepal, photo by Pawel Kowalczyk

I myself have been to the Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa, and have been inside the meditation hall that’s covered in padding for the comfort of all the “flying yogis”, though I did NOT actually see the phenomenon myself.

My ex-husband and I were returning to Toronto from our honeymoon in the Grand Canyon, and we decided to stop in on my ex-husband’s sister, who was teaching at the Maharishi International University at the time.

For reasons of privacy, let’s call her Tanya, as I have had no contact with her for some time and don’t wish to say anything that may be compromising in any way for her or the TM movement.

A “Mother Divine”

Tanya was a “Mother Divine” in TM, a title given to an advanced female TM Teacher.

Tanya taught TM for many years and traveled with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi himself for about 10 years.

Looking back, I remember having several conversations with her about her experience with TM.

For all intents and purposes, I couldn’t understand why it was going to cost me US$200.00 (at the time, going back to the early 80’s) to get my “secret TM mantra” and begin meditating the TM way.

Later, having visited the Maharishi University, I can see how there might be a lot of overhead to cover. But I digress, and my jury’s still out on the whole TM movement that some called a “cult”.

Truth is, there still is, and always has been, much controversy over the TM movement since the time of its inception in the 60’s.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “the Maharishi had some unique quirks.

The Maharishi turned out to be more business- and media-savvy than his followers might have initially guessed. According to The Love You Make, a book by former Beatles associate Peter Brown, prior to the Beatles’ India trip, the Maharishi was negotiating with lawyers for ABC about a TV special that would include an appearance by the band.

Despite Brown warning the Maharishi that this arrangement was not possible, the Maharishi continued to tell ABC’s attorneys that he could still make the deal happen.

Finally, Brown, accompanied by Harrison and McCartney, visited the Maharishi in Sweden and told him to not use the Beatles for his own business purposes – to which the Maharishi nodded and giggled.

In his book With the Beatles, Lewis Lapham recounted the time when the Maharishi organized a group photo of his students, including the Beatles. “He cast himself as the director on a movie set,” Lapham wrote of the Maharishi.

In preparation for the photo shoot, the Maharishi oversaw the construction of a tier of bleachers as well as the seating arrangements. He reportedly told the photographer, “Before you snap, you must shout 1, 2, 3 … any snap and you must shout.” The Maharishi then told his pupils, “Now come on everybody, cosmic smiles … and all into the lens.”

The bottom line is, MEDITATION WORKS. It’s why I called my Blog Meditation.Works. Lol.

Honestly, when it comes to “nirvana” or “hitting the mark” or “transcendence” I don’t care how you “get there”, as there are as many roads to that elusive destination as there are travellers to travel them.

Was Maharishi just a more marketing savvy yogi, the first to build a “brand” when it came to meditation?

I reiterate, MEDITATION WORKS. Every single form of it. So whether it was just presented better and more scientifically by the TM-ers, or whether they actually do have an “extra spin” on the whole thing, that is of no consequence.

The important thing to focus on is that ALL meditation is “transcendental”, as at its very root, it takes us from one state of awareness to a continually higher one the more you meditate.


And that’s it.

Until you get here:

The God-self.

The God-self by Alex Grey

Meditation is allowing your own peace and truth to present itself to you, and allow you to transcend whatever state of original consciousness you possessed, ever higher and higher.

Self-isolation Madness and a Possible Antidote

Right now, in this very moment, we are all being held hostage in our own homes by forces both seen and unseen.

This is causing widespread panic and eliciting a fear response from many on the planet.

Fear is only beneficial when we are in a true “fight or flight” situation, where our lives are being threatened IN THE MOMENT, like when you’re being chased by a tiger, a bull, or by someone who intends to do you physical harm.

During this [fight or flight] reaction, certain hormones like adrenalin and cortisol are released, speeding the heart rate, slowing digestion, shunting blood flow to major muscle groups, and changing various other autonomic nervous functions, giving the body a burst of energy and strength.”

Outside of an actual physical event in real-time, this anxiety-ridden response will actually lower your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease and illness – or to catching the latest “bug” floating around out there. And in this case, a bug whose name I shall not mention in order to not give it any more energy than it has already been given.

It is CRITICAL, nay, IMPERATIVE, that we move through the imposed fear into LOVE. How?

That’s easy. Just move into your heart. Breathe in and out, and in and out, slowly, rhythmically, until you feel yourself shifting out of “fight or flight” and your “heart wisdom” begins to take centre stage.

Think of all the things you have to be grateful for, one by one… Start seeing them in your mind’s eye, and as you see each one, send them love and gratitude, or “Lovitude”, as I like to call it.

As I like to say, being grateful will get you far, but being grateful and loving will get you anywhere you want to go!

As for the rest of this process of moving through fear to love, I have just uploaded a 60 Minute Version of my “Expressing Love and Gratitude” Guided Meditation for those of you who feel they need a deeper dive into that loving gratitude feeling that helps you HEAL and TRANSCEND FEAR into the far higher vibration of LOVE.

Here’s a link to the 60 Minute version:

I also have 30 and 15 Minute Versions of the same Guided Meditation. Here’s a link to the 30 Minute Version:

And here’s a link to the 15 Minute Version:

The Difference Between the 15, 30 and 60 Minute Versions

All versions contain the same amount of Guided Meditation dialogue. The longer versions allows for a deeper and even more rewarding meditation experience, as it gives you more time to meditate to a calming and very beautiful musical soundscape, while still allowing you to experience the message of the Guided Meditation itself!

If you only have 15 minutes to meditate, that’s GREAT, because you only need 15 minutes a day of meditation to benefit from its many physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual positive effects.

You will find, however, the longer you meditate, the greater and more varied the benefits you experience will be – especially in the long run. It’s totally up to you!

The important thing is to just GET MEDITATING, and benefitting 100% from all the man and mighty benefits meditation offers!

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The Mediation.Works Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE!

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And about 300 hours of work writing and creating the video and Kickstarter Campaign contents, checking, re-checking, writing, re-writing and hoping and praying for the best, it’s now LIVE!

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Meditation.Works Guided Meditations help you “get into”, and “stay in” meditation, with ease, so you can ”reset” your mind and body, and instantly benefit from the abundant and scientifically irrefutable benefits meditation has to offer. I'm Renata Duma, and I'm here to share my channelled Guided Meditations with you. As a life-long meditator, I am also a trance channeller, energy healer, intuitive empath and Master UNITY Bubble Facilitator. ( Also, I have been recognized by two different Tibetan Rinpoches, once in 1985 and another time in 2013, to be the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama's Master Student. It is understood that the current 14th Dalai Lama, whose spiritual name is Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, is the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama. Both Rinpoches, separately, told me and wrote out my Tibetan name for me. It is "Yeshe Yangtsom", which means, "luminosity of wisdom". As all my Guided Meditations are directly channelled (or inspired) they have been created to broaden the mind and enhance the meditation experience for all levels of meditators by shedding wisdom and light on many of life’s obstacles that surprisingly are “the path”, and are meant for us to explore - and ultimately overcome - while learning valuable lessons as we travel our unique path. I hope you enjoy and are able to benefit and grow through the wisdom brought forward in my Guided Meditations. And thank you for your meditation practice, which not only serves your growth and expansion, but that of the collective consciousness as well during this time of the great awakening of our beloved Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Namaste. Renata a.k.a. "Yeshe Yangtsom"

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