“…to see a World in a Chopstick… and Eternity in a Revelation”: Exploring Truth and Value in Quarantine and Beyond

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Eternity, Infinity…

Yes, I know. William Blake said it very differently. But does that mean he saw it any differently from my title?

Here is a fragment of Blake’s wildly famous poem, Auguries of Innocence, assumed to have been written in 1803; as relevant today as it was then, if not more given our current global predicament.

The poem contains a series of paradoxes which speak of innocence juxtaposed with evil and corruption:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour.

A Robin Redbreast in a Cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage.
A dove house fill’d with doves and pigeons
Shudders Hell thro’ all its regions.
A Dog starv’d at his Master’s Gate
Predicts the ruin of the State.
A Horse misus’d upon the Road
Calls to Heaven for Human blood.
Each outcry of the hunted Hare
A fiber from the Brain does tear.

He who shall train the Horse to War
Shall never pass the Polar Bar.
The Beggar’s Dog and Widow’s Cat,
Feed them and thou wilt grow fat.
The Gnat that sings his Summer song 
Poison gets from Slander’s tongue.
The poison of the Snake and Newt
Is the sweat of Envy’s Foot.

A truth that’s told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent.
It is right it should be so;
Man was made for Joy and Woe;
And when this we rightly know
Thro’ the World we safely go.

Every Night and every Morn
Some to Misery are Born.
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight.
Some are Born to sweet delight,
Some are Born to Endless Night.

First: A Matter of True Value 

Let me preface by saying I’ve been in this “just get rid of everything” stage for a few months now, and can honestly say I’m finally at a place where it’s “just the essentials”, including some precious books, art and archives that will constitute a part of my legacy. Ergo, not to be tossed.

This morning, as I carried out my regular ablutions, I came across a particular pair of very pretty chopsticks that I have had for about 16 years. I seldom use them because a) they cost $50 back in 2004 when I was drawn to them, and b) because they are actually awkward to use being made of “knobbly” bamboo, and not perfectly straight.

They are as lovely and unique to me today as they were in 2004 – yet hardly essential. So why have they survived my recent ruthless cull of non-essentials?

My “revelation” around them was, “Am I hanging on to these chopsticks because 16 years ago, someone in a fancy shop said they were worth $50 (which I paid for them) or were they actually only worth $2, but I paid $50 for them (and the shopkeeper made $48) and I have an artificially inflated idea of their value?”

Looking back, I can honestly say the latter is far more likely. Duh.

How About YOU?

That got me spiralling, thinking about all that is “of true value” around me…

I immediately thought of the entire world in quarantine at the moment (aside from front-line workers, of which I am one – by choice) and how all of our perspectives have changed virtually overnight, never to be revisited again.

I’m seeing huge changes in the videos that are being posted on Instagram, LinkedIn…

I’ve never seen so many fun, loving and funny posts!

And talking about “evil and corruption” (as in the poem) I’ve good many sobering posts and videos, warning us that “a great storm is upon us”, and that we should prepare psychologically, emotionally and practically for its unfolding, especially over the next 2 weeks.

Change Always IS and Always Will BE

So what was the result of my self-query on what I thought was of :true value” to me?

Number 1 that came up: The welfare of loved ones and humanity. PERIOD.

Number 2: The welfare of ALL lifeforms on Earth, including our sentient Earth herself.

Number 3: The faith I have in my heart that any forces at work to harm any of the above will soon be erased, without the possibility of recommencing their dastardly activities, and the world at large will transcend, nay ascend, in the process.

Number 4: LOVE and the freedom to execute or POWER OF INTENTION.

Number 5: All of the above. THAT’S IT.

The rest is just “stuff”… stuff we require as humans to nurture and sustain our existence – which in itself we are in the process of rewriting. More on that when we’re closer to picking up the pen.

Final Thoughts…

Everything else is transient, fleeting, “a dream within a dream”, as it is the INTENTIONS we live by that both create and sustain our reality.

And it is by acting on those original intentions to course correct should a malevolent force threaten the wellbeing of a loved one or humanity of which we are a part as the “ONE” that we are.

Earth’s Schumann Resonance Post-Global Meditation April 4, 2020

If you don’t believe we are “ONE”, the above image is that of the scientifically proven method of measuring the Earth’s frequency after April 4th’s, 2020 Global Meditation.

Here’s Jelele Awen of https://soulfulheartblog to explain:

“Energy Update: Gaia’s Schumann frequency responded today, April 5th, with waves of higher frequency that reached a peak of 76 HZ at one point and are still fluctuating upwards in this moment. Gaia’s Ascension is ongoing and can be seen in the raising rhythm of her ‘heartbeat’ into higher frequencies, waves that many of us have been tracking for a few years now as they are an interesting indicator of ongoing Awakening.

Gaia’s frequency as a planetary consciousness can correlate to humanity’s consciousness and brain waves. She goes UP as we go UP, we go UP as she goes UP….our interrelatedness is like a dance, even the 3D experience of abuse, neglect, and disconnect that has been the dominant frequency toward Her since the fall of Atlantis and the creation/installation of the 3D Control Matrix is something that we have all learned from. Gaia is in the process of forgiveness and compassion toward us, just as we are toward ourselves in relationship to Her, and personally and collectively.

Yesterday, 4/4/2020 (4) was the opening of a powerful portal of high frequency energies, galactic/planetary/astrological alignments. Four energies are connected to making a ‘home base’ and it feels timely that our home base planet would respond to them. Many souls came together consciously yesterday to meditate during this portal, with the overall intention to raise the base frequency personally and collectively, to invite 5D/New Earth energies to move through. Many higher dimensional galactic BEings (Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians esp.) were WITH us in this intention, amplifying it even more...

Ultimately, the path of Ascension is moving onward and UPward. The phases and stages of this path are messy, bumpy, require some dark nights before the dawn, sometimes necessarily painful, sometimes manifesting in death and loss. This process also seems to involve many timelines coming into ‘reality’ at once…each of us invited to choose what most resonates for us, not invalidating any timelines as all have use in this process...

Yet, the Divine path and plan seems clear. The revelation, feeling and healing of shadow, dark, fear-based energies continues. We are invited to honor these energies and these BEings and these souls as they move on to timelines/lifetimes/dimensions/planets that fit their next growth phases in a more resonant way. Thanking them for the role they have played in this duality experiment as THEY are US and we are all ONE finding our way HOME to the Divine. Love, Jelelle Awen”

Here’s a link to the complete Blog Post: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2020/04/05/energy-update-schumann-gaia-resonance-spike-in-response-to-5d-new-earth-mass-meditations/

And, here’s something to keep in mind as the truth unfolds over the next little while, as Blake’s poem says:

A truth that’s told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent.

Again, we revisit the inherent nature and indisputable power of INTENT.

“Auguries of Innocence is a collection of conflicting situations written as a kind of prophetic judgement. It pits the innocent against the mature, the rich against the poor, the elite against the underprivileged, and invites the audience to recognize the fragile beauty and balance found within nature.” https://poemanalysis.com

Despite the obvious,

A Dog starv’d at his Master’s Gate
Predicts the ruin of the State.

…(don’t forget that one for what’s about to be revealed)…

Blake ends this best-known fragment of Auguries of Innocence with this:

It is right it should be so;
Man was made for Joy and Woe;
And when this we rightly know
Thro’ the World we safely go.

Every Night and every Morn
Some to Misery are Born.
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight.
Some are Born to sweet delight,
Some are Born to Endless Night.

Translation, 2020: When we know that we create our own reality WITH OUR INTENTION, it is then we may safely go through the world.

And it is in this way, either through ignorance or enlightenment that some are born to “Endless night” or “sweet delight”.

CHOICE made with the power of your INTENTION.


Well, one of them… 😉

Here’s one of today’s quotes from a great Shaman and friend, Dwaine Hartman:

“People ask me, ‘Do you think they will bring in marshal law?’ …as the whole world looks out the window from their confinement to empty streets…

Meditate on seeing the freedom of every living being
Meditate on stepping out of this dimension and into one of freedom.
Leave those that wish to control to play with themselves
As we move in mind and heart to freedom.
All is vibration.
All is but a dream away”

Healing the Mind and Body Guided Meditation – 60 Minute Version


This deep dive, 60 Minute Healing the Mind and Body Guided Meditation uses creative visualization and a rainforest’s healing, magical waters to take you on a soothing, nurturing and healing journey.

You will emerge from it cleansed, body and mind, of all negative thoughts, memories, worries, anxieties, resentments or any fears you are aware of, or are unaware of having.

Let this beautiful Guided Meditation’s healing powers relax and restore you, body, mind and soul. Invoke whatever healing you require and it will be received through the power of your intention, and this Guided Meditation’s original intention when created, to facilitate the healing required for all those who meditate with it.

As I like to say, being grateful will get you far, but being grateful and loving will get you anywhere you want to go!

There are also have 30 and 15 Minute Versions of the same Guided Meditation. Here’s a link to the 30 Minute Version:

Healing the Mind and Body Guided Meditation – 30 Minute Version

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Healing the Mind and Body Guided Meditation – 15 Minute Version

The Difference Between the 15, 30 and 60 Minute Versions

All versions contain the same amount of Guided Meditation dialogue. The longer versions allows for a deeper and even more rewarding meditation experience, as it gives you more time to meditate to a calming and very beautiful musical soundscape, while still allowing you to experience the message of the Guided Meditation itself!

If you only have 15 minutes to meditate, that’s GREAT, because you only need 15 minutes a day of meditation to benefit from its many physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual positive effects.

You will find, however, the longer you meditate, the greater and more varied the benefits you experience will be – especially in the long run. It’s totally up to you!

The important thing is to just GET MEDITATING, and benefitting 100% from all the man and mighty benefits meditation offers!

As always, Happy Healing and Meditating!

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Once again, please allow me to express my gratitude…

Meditation has given my life richness and meaning beyond words, and I am passionate about sharing my Guided Meditations, and the myriad transformational benefits meditation offers, with the world.

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Thanks for the gift of your time and attention!

Wishing you all the joy your heart can hold, all the love – in all its forms – that you can possibly bask in, optimum health, prosperity and abundance, the spiritual transformation you crave, and the attainment of all your wishes and goals this 2020 and beyond! 

It’s time…

With Great “Lovitude”,

Renata Duma

Oh, and one more thing!

Since everyone else is posting pics of their pets (or “superior”, in my case, lol…) I asked Mala to share a little wisdom with us all on the human condition. Here’s what came from that conversation

…wait for it…

…wait for it…

…wait for it…

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The Author

Meditation.Works Guided Meditations help you “get into”, and “stay in” meditation, with ease, so you can ”reset” your mind and body, and instantly benefit from the abundant and scientifically irrefutable benefits meditation has to offer. I'm Renata Duma, and I'm here to share my channelled Guided Meditations with you. As a life-long meditator, I am also a trance channeller, energy healer, intuitive empath and Master UNITY Bubble Facilitator. (https://unitybubble.com) Also, I have been recognized by two different Tibetan Rinpoches, once in 1985 and another time in 2013, to be the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama's Master Student. It is understood that the current 14th Dalai Lama, whose spiritual name is Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, is the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama. Both Rinpoches, separately, told me and wrote out my Tibetan name for me. It is "Yeshe Yangtsom", which means, "luminosity of wisdom". As all my Guided Meditations are directly channelled (or inspired) they have been created to broaden the mind and enhance the meditation experience for all levels of meditators by shedding wisdom and light on many of life’s obstacles that surprisingly are “the path”, and are meant for us to explore - and ultimately overcome - while learning valuable lessons as we travel our unique path. I hope you enjoy and are able to benefit and grow through the wisdom brought forward in my Guided Meditations. And thank you for your meditation practice, which not only serves your growth and expansion, but that of the collective consciousness as well during this time of the great awakening of our beloved Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Namaste. Renata a.k.a. "Yeshe Yangtsom"

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