WAKEY WAKEY: Only One Way Outta This! Please, Read On; It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn!

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Despite this veritable, all-pervasive cesspool of fear, negativity, anger, sadness and downright despair that’s floating around us these days – that seems to be drowning us in it’s self-perpetuating, deep, depressive blackness – mostly due to an improper handling of the truth around current unfolding and highly volatile global events (I’ll say no more on that, as I do not wish to give any of those suspicious platforms, nor public figures of ill repute, ANY of my precious energy at this time)… I was pleasantly surprised and uplifted a couple of days ago.

How’s THAT for starters??

Why was I so pleasantly surprised? Well, it was something that was just very plainly and simply said, rather written, from a NEW PERSPECTIVE on those current events, and it just made me smile from my very core.

It also made me very happy to see more evidence that people, en masse, are “getting it”, and are not caving in to the rampant fear-mongering and manipulation of the global masses for nefarious, self-serving agendas of a twisted few, whose identities are soon to be revealed. Stay tuned.

For now, let’s stay in the light…

It was the opening paragraph of a monthly email newsletter, which a Torontonian friend of mine, Ken Campbell (Realtor par excellent), sent to his subscribers, of which I am lucky to be one.

It was entitled, “A little different perspective”, and it certainly was.

The Infinite Power of a New Perspective

In a blog I recently published on February 1st, I wrote about Meditation and The Infinite Power of a New Perspective.

That title and subject was born of an “AHA moment” I experienced after seeing a familiar photo of a place in Europe that I know well, taken from a different camera angle – or different perspective – that was so different, in fact, that I didn’t recognized the place.

Which, got me thinking that meditation is a lot like that, in essence. Both Guided and Non-Guided Meditations.

It’s all about cultivating a new and IMPROVED “inner perspective” on the outer world and what ails you, to help you sort yourself out: With a new, POSITIVE perspective, comes a most sought-after state, and that is “clarity”.

It was Ken’s POSITIVITY in his newsletter, albeit through pointing out what “isn’t” happening to most of us, and sadly, actually “is” happening to others on the planet, that one can glean a new, positive perspective on our particular current state of affairs, and take heart.

Without further ado, here’s that simple, paragraph that kicked off Ken’s otherwise wise Real Estate Market Info newsletter, published May 7, 2020.

By Ken Campbell, Toronto, ON, May 7, 2020

A little different perspective;
A look on the bright side

No bombs are raining on our heads.
I am not a prisoner held in solitary confinement, as millions are.
I am not a refugee trying to escape with my life.
I am not standing in line waiting to fill a pot of water.
I have access to fresh food and I’m not starving.
I have hot running water.
My country has not been ruined by years of war.
I can reach my friends by phone and check in on them.
My friends check-in on me because they care about me.
Any whiplash I feel about this strange turn of events is itself a sign of privilege.
More than half of the world would gladly trade their everyday problems for the modest inconveniences I am experiencing.
I may have anxious dreams but I’m dreaming them on a proper bed and I’m not sleeping on the sidewalk.
By staying at home, I’m helping the planet rest.
As long as I have my mind I can create, imagine, dream and not be lonely.
This global crisis connects me to people around the world and reminds me of our common humanity. This is a good thing.
When something tragic happens to another country next time, I will respond to it not with superiority, but humility and recognition.
I will fight for positive changes and economically just policies in my own country.
I am surrounded by books.
I am surrounded by love.
The trees have already begun to bloom.”

Bravo, Ken, thank you, and namaste, my friend. I know you lit up many hearts and souls with that paragraph.

Let’s just breathe all that delicious gratitude in for a second…………..

And now, to quote one of my fave human beings, Jim Carrey, “Alrighty then!” Moving on! Lol…

To continue along this vein, here’s another quote I have referenced before. It’s a famous one:

By Albert Einstein

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind that created them”

This further supports my premise that a new perspective – even a new mind – is required to resolve a situation, and the same blind eyes that created said situation, need to be OPENED WIDE in order to resolve it.

It is for this reason that I am calling out to humanity at this critical juncture in our current timeline… and here’s the bottom line:


It is ONLY through GRATITUDE that we will raise our vibration enough to actually have a POSITIVE outcome in all of this.

If we were all to meditate on gratitude, I hope you already have an idea of what HUGE ripple effects that will create within the fabric of the collective consciousness. If you don’t, well, believe you me, it’s HUGE.

Here’s the key:

CHOOSING to meditate on moving from “fear” (which is a natural response to uncertainty)…

…into “love” (which is our natural condition, as we are “love”)…

…through GRATITUDE – or as I like to call it, “LOVITUDE”.

LOVE + GRATITUDE = LOVITUDE, which CREATES the ABSENCE of FEAR (which is ultimately an illusion that only FEELS real in the human experience).

Choosing to focus on “love” elevates YOU and the COLLECTIVE in quantum ways, leading to positive outcomes and timelines for each and every soul incarnate on Earth NOW.

Image courtesy of https://colourofsound.org

It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn

Here’s a brief excerpt from a hypnosis session, conducted by brilliant American light worker, Alison Coe, just a few short weeks ago that speaks to this point.

It was the subject’s higher self that was communicating this information back to the subject, through the subject. (I know it’s a little much, but you’ll get used to it eventually if you’re not already! We’re all heading this way…!)

From the Subject’s Higher Self through Hypnotist, Alison Coe:

“Just like you can pull in the fear from the collective, you can pull in the love from the collective. Being separate, being in separate households, does not diminish the connection everyone has with one-another. It is just a holographic wall, so we can say it is just part of this reality that really doesn’t matter – because love does not have that barrier. Love will be sent into the collective from example, and will be pulled down by those who are wishing to tap into this love because they see her (your) example.”

We can each be that example and contribute to the exponential growth and ascension of this, our glorious little blue planet Earth, and all of its inhabitants, through focusing and meditating on GRATITUDE and LOVE.

And it’s as simple as that.

For that reason, I’m going to re-share my “Expressing Love and Gratitude Guided Meditations with you today, as I feel this is an extremely important time for us to be focusing in on just that.

Here are links to all 3; the 15, 30 and 60 Minute Versions:

“Expressing Love and Gratitude” Guided Meditation – 15 Minute Version
“Expressing Love and Gratitude” Guided Meditation – 30 Minute Version
“Expressing Love and Gratitude” Guided Meditation – 15 Minute Version

About Me

Meditation has given my life richness and meaning beyond words, and I am passionate about sharing my Guided Meditations, and the myriad benefits meditation offers, with the world… from my heart to yours.

Together with Meditation.Works, let’s cultivate balanced, abundant, healthy and co-creative lives, and build a global culture that advocates deep healing, self-transformation, compassion and true well-being through the power of meditation.

Please help Meditation.Works do just that, one meditator at a time.

“Heal the self, help others heal: Before you know it, we’re all healed!”

Now a little self-less self-promotion… 🙂

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As always, and once again, Happy Loving and Grateful Meditating!

With great “Lovitude”,


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Meditation.Works Guided Meditations help you “get into”, and “stay in” meditation, with ease, so you can ”reset” your mind and body, and instantly benefit from the abundant and scientifically irrefutable benefits meditation has to offer. I'm Renata Duma, and I'm here to share my channelled Guided Meditations with you. As a life-long meditator, I am also a trance channeller, energy healer, intuitive empath and Master UNITY Bubble Facilitator. (https://unitybubble.com) Also, I have been recognized by two different Tibetan Rinpoches, once in 1985 and another time in 2013, to be the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama's Master Student. It is understood that the current 14th Dalai Lama, whose spiritual name is Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, is the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama. Both Rinpoches, separately, told me and wrote out my Tibetan name for me. It is "Yeshe Yangtsom", which means, "luminosity of wisdom". As all my Guided Meditations are directly channelled (or inspired) they have been created to broaden the mind and enhance the meditation experience for all levels of meditators by shedding wisdom and light on many of life’s obstacles that surprisingly are “the path”, and are meant for us to explore - and ultimately overcome - while learning valuable lessons as we travel our unique path. I hope you enjoy and are able to benefit and grow through the wisdom brought forward in my Guided Meditations. And thank you for your meditation practice, which not only serves your growth and expansion, but that of the collective consciousness as well during this time of the great awakening of our beloved Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Namaste. Renata a.k.a. "Yeshe Yangtsom"


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