The FREQUENCY Solution: MANIFESTATION and Meditation HACKS for Getting in DEEP

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There is a basic law in physics that states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates. Absolutely nothing rests, including you and me.

As humans, our frequencies are quite different from that of the objects surrounding us like furniture, trees, animals, objects, and other people, which is why we are all under the spell or “illusion” of “separation”.

That we are separate from all and everything could be no further from the truth. The fact is, we live in a veritable ocean of energy, known to physicists as “The Unified Field”.

Furthermore, Quantum Physics shows us that everything in our universe is energy – and not matter – on a subatomic level.

Some, like the great turn-of-the-century influencer, Wallace D. Wattles, knew this intuitively:

“Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed… There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by thought. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.”

Wallace D. Wattles, “The Science of Getting Rich”, 1910

Now that we have established that we are energy in motion or “e-motional beings”, what is the next step towards wielding that energy to create highest and best outcomes or to allow that which no longer serves us to be transmuted into a higher frequency, into that which does serve us?

In this instance, I’m referring to what seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, given the global unrest: Where did this “unrest” come from and how are we going to get ourselves beyond it and thrive once again?

First of all, the unrest came about as a result of the fragmented and negatively oriented environment we have evolved through over millenia. The good news is, what we are seeing now is its dissolution – and transmutation on many levels.

How to illustrate this...

Let’s say we have collectively decided that our kitchen has fallen into decrepitude and has become dysfunctional, and no longer serves us. What is required is ripping that kitchen apart, down to the very floorboards, and replacing it with a whole new kitchen with much improved functionalities that will once again, serve all those who depend on it to live and thrive. This is much like what we are going through on a global scale.

That means we are literally going through a deconstruction; debris, dust, noise, mess, discomfort, inconvenience, lack and even trepidation as to whether or not this was a good idea to begin with or not – and whether what the old will be replaced with will be worth the effort.

And here we are. We’re in it, full on, and there’s no turning back now. So how do we move forward and create positive outcomes?

Sit’s really quite simple, yet profound. As Bashar says:

“What you put out is exactly what you get back. Physical reality is a mirror; literally, a mirror. Whatever vibration you put out, is the experience you get back… While it is true, whatever your vibration is, is responsible for what you experience, many of you think, or have been taught to think, that you have to work to create that vibration that would create what it is you prefer, and in fact, you do not. Your core frequency, your core true, signature vibration is already attracting all the things that are representative of that core vibration. If those things that are representative of your true, core, loving, creative, natural vibration aren’t manifesting, aren’t reaching you, it’s not because you are not attracting them, it’s because you are keeping them away.”

From “Redefining the Law of Attraction (The Four Laws of Creation) by Bashar, as Channeled by Darryl Anka

So it is clear then, that in order to manifest what we desire, we do not have to “work for it”, as Bashar says. As counterintuitive at that may sound given our programming, the essence is this:

Allow that which you are not to fall away, to be once again, that which you are.

And how, pray tell, do we do that? That’s simple too, and profound.

Meditate. Connect with your higher self that is the true, core, loving, creative and natural vibration that you are. Become that once again; radiate that once again from your heart; heal the self; help others heal through raising your vibration and thereby allowing them to raise theirs; and in that way, we all heal and raise the vibration on the planet so we can all really, really get excited about enjoying that new kitchen we’re co-creating once it’s done!

And it’s really the EXCITEMENT that attracts the outcome, not so much the picture, in this instance of a kitchen.

Here’s your magical solution, broken down: 1. Meditate: Connect with your higher self on as deep a level as possible. 2. Get EXCITED about what you want to manifest or attract into your reality. 3. Realize you are not actually attracting “anything” other than the experience you want to have internally (which will affect everything around you positively externally). 4. Forget about it and keep your vibration as high as possible, following your bliss for as long as you can in one direction until you can no longer maintain that, then follow it in another, and so forth. And watch the magic unfold. It has to. These are universal laws of creation.

Getting in DEEP

A single meditator has the potential to positively affect every person they encounter, raising their vibration by just speaking a few words to them, sitting with them, or by just having walked by them on the street.

Humans are the most powerful change agents when we meditate, or direct our attention, towards something.

But are we getting in deep enough into meditation in order to do so?

ALL Meditation is GOOD Meditation

At the end of the day (or the beginning, or whenever you prefer to meditate) ALL meditation is good meditation.

Deep, not so deep, or Guided Meditation. If it wasn’t, I sure wouldn’t be devoting so much of my time to spreading the good word. And “just meditate” is may mantra. That said, I know it’s hard to go deep into meditation, which is where the most transformative and powerful experiences happen.

Some rarely get to experience that deep level of self-awareness and indescribable bliss. (Just keep on meditating if that’s what you want to experience, and trust me, it WILL happen.)

In case you’re struggling with that or want to take your practice to a new level, I’m going to offer you some practical hacks for getting in DEEP. Hacks that I’ve both come across and come up with on my own. Here goes, just for you.

Helpful HACKS for Getting into DEEP Meditation

Body Position

Your body position is KEY. If you can’t get your body comfy and into the right position, you will never be able to move beyond its sensations that will continually call you back to pay attention to them. The following is a combination of things you can do to address this issue.

The Cushion is KING

Of all my meditation seats, the one I have now suits me best. Of course everyone will have their preferences. I’m just telling you what works for me – BIG TIME.

It’s a padded square (from , about 24″ x 24″ and about 8″ deep. It sits up agains a wall. It’s from Morningstar Trading, a store I frequent in Toronto. They do sell online. Here’s a link to the actual cushion I bought:

I sit on that pillow, firmly rooting into my sitting bones.

Then there’s an oblong pillow that I have that I fold in half and place at the base of my spine to make sure my spinal column is slightly curved inward (concave) and erect. (This is critical for the energy flowing up the spine to the higher chakras that are the ones that actually do take you deep into meditation.) Here’s a link to that oblong pillow I bought:

About Legs

Now that’s a personal preference, especially if you’re not built or limber enough to sit cross-legged. Personally, unless I’ve been keeping up with my yoga practice pretty regularly, cross-legged works for me for about 15 minutes, then my right ankle starts screaming at me, and I need to shift.

What really works for me is taking a blanket, draping it over my knees and feet (soles together), and tucking the blanket under my feet so they are comfy and supported. Then I take that blanket and twist the ends and tuck those ends under my knees for some additional support. That takes care of my legs and spinal alignment.

Now it’s chin up, shoulders down and back (release with an in-breath and out-breath).

NOTE: You may have a favorite meditation chair or zafu cushion, or just use a normal chair when you meditate. It doesn’t really matter; it’s whatever works for you as long as you can get into a really comfortable and supported position. And the next step is…

Tuning Out

Now it’s time to tune out.

I do this with a combination of things that I find really help me detach from my outward, physical senses so I can more easily explore my internal senses.

If you are going to use a Guided Meditation, that’s great. If not, and your’e ready to do this all on your own, here’s what works for me:

The drone of the tanpura being played, I find, is the perfect sound companion to meditation. It has been used in the far East for centuries as a way to help meditators (mostly monks and spiritual adepts back then) tune out and tune in, as the repetitive sound of the 4 strings gently plucked one after the other over and over is said to actually align the chakras, making it easier to climb to the highest one during meditation.

I like to listen to it on my phone while I’m meditating, with good, comfortable earphones, in a 1 hour long version.

Here’s a link to the version I like to listen to on YouTube:

This hypnotic drone is in the key of a slightly flat version of C, which is actually more soothing than C at 440. (That’s a whole other blog topic that I’ll get to soon.)

Next, I cover my eyes with a headband. If you have a blackout mask, that’s even better. I find my headband works perfectly for me.

Then I cover my head. If it’s not too hot, I find putting my hoodie’s hood over my head a perfect solution. If it’s really warm out, I’ll use a large cotton scarf, like a sarong, and drape it over my head and ears. The main thing is to create a kind of a “meditation cave” for yourself. (There’s a reason monks meditated in caves. Lol.)

Click “play” and let the drone begin…

And now there’s just the diving in part.

Don’t pay attention to all the “zingers” I like to call the tingles I feel when I’m tuning in. They are your energy or vibration at constant play – though when you are moving around, you don’t notice it. Shifting your awareness internally makes one sensitive to them, which is perfectly normal. They mostly subside after a few moments, rather you begin to drift deeper into meditation and focus less and less on them and other bodily sensations.

Now BREATHE…. deep in-breath, deep out-breath, over and over again… until you feel your breath connecting with your inner expansiveness.

At this point, you may begin to see colours swirling; greens, violets, whites; or see the vague outline of shapes, faces – morphing into one another… or you may see tiny lights, or flashes of light… At this point, congratulations… You’re in DEEP. And it’s time to direct your thoughts to a particular intention.

If it’s world peace and unity you’re focusing on, ask for – or create an image in your mind that will allow you to express your intention through love.

When world peace is the object of my intention, I image Earth as a basketball-sized, exquisite floating entity, that I can both fill with and surround with my deep, profound love for it, and enfold it into my heart… and just love it there with all my might, offering it all the healing energy it needs that I pull in from the entire cosmos. Whatever it takes to get the healing done.

At this point, not only is the sky the limit, not even this galaxy is the limit.

Whatever your intention is during your meditation, just allow it to take shape in a way that you can pour love into it… and away you go…

Tuning back in to the outer world.

When it’s time to come out of meditation, you’ll know. It’s indescribable, yet distinct. Sometimes only a 15 or 20 minute meditation is what the body needs. Another time it may be an hour or well beyond that.

Just please always remember to be kind an non-judgemental of yourself in any way when it comes to meditation. You have no idea just how much you are accomplishing on a subatomic level when you raise your vibration, even for a few moments.

If we ALL just did that – even for a few moments – we’d all be opening our eyes to a whole new – and much improved – world.


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