“Who Am I?” Essential Steps to Self-Discovery

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Simple question, right? And one that we all, at some point, ask ourselves…

“Who am I?”

Can you define yourself in 10 words or less? Or is your definition a lengthy series of responses that drill down to what you identify with?

If you’re up for it, give it a try now and write down your response. No matter what, it will be an interesting exercise, I guarantee you.

Go ahead…

Whatever you came up with is, of course, true for you. But is it based on a profound understanding of who you really are, or are you merely scratching the surface with a list of what you identify with?

An example of this would be, “I’m Mary Poppins. I’m a high-needs nanny and a very strong woman, because that’s what it takes to do what I do; and I love what I do. I live in London but I originate from Pamela Lyndon Travers’ imagination. I’m not married and don’t have any children of my own, and at 45 years of age, I don’t expect that’s in the cards. I’m mostly vegetarian and spiritual, but I don’t show it because I have to protect my highly sensitive nature. I consider my work not just a passion, but a blessing; wherever that comes from. I seldom get angry, but when I do, it’s usually at a situation or a behaviour, not at an individual themselves, no matter how naughty the behaviour.”

How many identifications were there her? Let’s count: 1. Name 2. Occupation 3. Gender 4. Character trait 5. Place of residence 6. Place of origin 7. Marital status 8. Child status 9. Age 10. Diet 11. Religious affiliation 12. More character traits. And so on and so forth…

This is “identification with form”, from which, Spiritual Teacher & Presence through Movement Facilitator and Author, Eckhart Tolle, says, “all suffering comes from”.

Are We Consciousness Awakening from the Dream of Complete Identification of Form?

In a recent talk he gave, Eckhart explains, “Who am I, what is I, what does it mean when I say ‘I’?

Let’s say you don’t know anything about who you are; nothing that you can formulate, conceptualize, call something. What is left, what is lost? Nothing is lost. In fact, when you encounter this which cannot be named, which is a formless presence, aliveness, you have touched that which is beyond form; consciousness itself. And that is identity. That is where your sense of I comes from. So you are more truly yourself when you don’t remember your past than when you do remember your past.

And you are more truly yourself when there is not a single thought in your head than when you are full of thinking, thinking about ‘me and my problems’.

And whenever you feel the sense of I this sense of “I”, this, the light of consciousness which you can know directly in the stillness, known as the “essence identity”, timeless, that’s always there, and that is one with universal consciousness, and it’s just coming through this form. It’s never lost when this form dissolves…

You get a stronger sense of who you are – in your essence – when you are not telling yourself – in your mind – who you are.

You are never more truly yourself than when you are still. And still means, of course, when the mind is still. Then you can sense the essence of who you are.

And that does not depend on the age of the body, whether you are 20 or 90, it is the same stillness that frees you then from the suffering that comes when you have identified with form, which will, sooner or later, leave you, you will suffer. If you identify with a strong or beautiful body, and that body begins to grow old, you begin to suffer. You begin to dissolve. You haven’t realized who you are. And so you have form identity and essence identity.

And suffering arises through knowing yourself ONLY as form identity: My history, my story, my body, my past, my this, my that, my, my, my…

Whatever you identify with in the world of form. If you know yourself ONLY as that, that’s the state of unconsciousness. A dream-like state; consciousness is dreaming a dream of form.

And then it acts attempting to become free of its inner state of incompleteness, dissatisfaction and fear, which is inevitable when all you know is your form identity. There’s always underneath the surface or even very much on the surface, there is dissatisfaction, fear, unease, discomfort, fear; I am not enough, this is not enough, this is not the right place where I am now, these are not the right people I am with, this is not the right thing I am doing now; there comes the need to go out and search for more forms that I can identify with so that I can feel more complete.

But the only way you can actually reach the state of ‘AH….’ (exhales) being at home, feeling rooted in yourself that always comes again and again, and without the fear… The only way is encountering that which is beyond form, and it’s, it’s so much – right HERE, it’s “God Realization”; that’s another word for it but let’s not go there, the God within – the timeless within.

So where we are at as humanity as a whole, is the realization that there is an essence that is nothing to do with the form, and only if we are rooted, if some of our attention is in that formless essence, can we do things in this world, without creating more havoc and suffering for others and ourselves.

If we only go into ‘doing’ without the rootedness in the eternal dimension, which is stillness, which is HERE, NOW, ALWAYS NOW, inseparable from NOW, whatever you do, when you lose yourself in the doing, identified again with form and creating some new problem.

So the foundation for all doing is conscious being – the formless, the eternal… Realizing what “being” is.”

Here’s a link to the full talk by Ekhart Tolle:

Eckart Tolle: The Beginning of Awakening & Essential Identity, July 7, 2020

So in 9 words, here’s a response you might want to contemplate the next time “Who am I?” comes up for you:

“I AM infinite awareness, divine essence in human form…”


Or here’s another way of saying it, more like a mantra:

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