Destination WELLNESS: OPTIMUM Healing, “Messages From the Body” and Meditation

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Most of us dream of living at optimum wellness; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That seems to be the “dream” dream of 2020. That, coupled with living in abundance.

With new quantum and highly advanced science-based technologies being released, the acceptance that it is one’s state of mind that is at the root of virtually all physical dis-ease, and the understanding that “tuning into” the distress messages our bodies send us, it is clear now that optimum health – and abundance – is on the imminent horizon.

As an aside, what do you consider “living in abundance” is? I can tell you what the galactics say it is: having enough for today and enough to share. How beautiful is that? But I digress…

Back to optimum wellness and how “messages from your body” and meditation can lead you there.

Of those of us who are generally healthy, many are in a constant state of wanting to “feel better”; more rested, centred, stronger, in better shape (lighter or heavier), better hydrated and nourished.

In short, at optimum peak performance.

We also want to have more time for personal pursuits such as practicing a marshal art or a sport, exercising, meditating for more than an hour each day, following creative pursuits, learning a musical instrument or language, or anything else that’s new. All excellent notions as they lead to personal expansion.

Of those of us who are dealing with physical/mental/emotional challenges, many generally have one thought, which is how to overcome those challenges, and once overcome, achieve optimum wellness as well.

Optimum wellness is an elusive subject.

There are a billion ways from Sunday being sold to us everywhere we turn that promise we will “feel better” if we eat it, drink it, swallow it, or do whatever they are proposing we do with whatever that particular “it” is they are trying to sell us.

Here’s the rub.

Much of what we experience that makes us feel unwell has roots much, much deeper in our histories than we realize.
Is it possible that it can all be chalked up to belief systems and how we cope with “trauma” or the after-effects of “negative events”?

If this is true, as Dr. Michael J. Lincoln, Ph. D., explains in his incredible book, Messages From the Body, then it would make a lot of sense to start “tuning into” the messages our bodies have for us so we CAN move into optimum health.

This book (very much updated and available today) was brought to my attention several years ago by the great Jonathan C. R. Davies, co-creator of The Unity Bubble: Jonathan used it in his every session, assisting individuals to heal, find themselves, and as a result, their life’s purpose.

Healing is always about “peeling back the layers”, so to speak; and finally revealing the shadows that have remained hidden from us, both personally and collectively. Once healed or cleared, we are able to move on from living in a paradigm where fear directs or drives our lives.

So what does all that mean?

It means that when something’s up with your body/soul/spirit complex, your body will send you a “message” in the form of twinge, an ache, a pain, a symptom or a negative thought, that is asking you to “look at” the message saying, “Hey you! Have a look at this patch of eczema. Something’s up with your gut! You better have a look at it , mate!”

The wise person will listen to that message and try to decode it in any way they can. First they will look for answers in whatever medical system they feel most comfortable with.

Assuming they don’t find the solution there, they will go hunting in as many directions as they can until they get to the root of their “dis-ease” and ultimately reverse it’s effects in their body.

And unless they are willing to look at the underlying root cause (or trauma) of their “dis-ease”, the likelihood of “clearing” it will be slim and they will be reduced to “treating” it only, with the high likelihood of that dis-ease escalating.

An unwise person will ignore the message and wait until the body sends a louder one, which they will also ignore. They will keep ignoring the messages their body is sending them until they are at the point where they are facing a chronic and potentially life-threatening dis-ease.

That’s when that same unwise person will blame their dis-ease on bad luck, shrink into victimhood and shrivel up and accept their fate, which is one final message from the body. And that message is, “Good-bye. Better luck next lifetime.”

This may sound harsh, but it may also add, “Maybe next time you won’t ignore that ‘gut issue you got in your early 20’s message’ I sent you, or the ‘extra 20 pounds of belly fat that crept on in your 50’s message’ that I also sent you, before you get to the root of the issue and nip it in the bud, so I don’t have to keep sending you louder and LOUDER MESSAGES next time.”

More information about Messages From the Body and Dr. Michael J. Lincoln:

“Messages from the Body is a description of the interaction of physical, emotional, mental, symbolic and sacred processes as they precipitate outcomes in the form of diseases, disorders and disruptions. There then follows a dictionary of the psychological, and sometimes sacred, meanings of hundreds of disturbances ranging from sneezes to cancer. In addition, there is an extensive section on the meanings of a number of body structures and characteristics.

Renowned author, Dr. Michael J. Lincoln PH.D. celebrated 50 years of work in the field of Psychology, Self Help, and Self Awareness in 2019 with a Celebration Hardbound Version of Messages from the Body, that trail-blazed the way to the ever-popular genre of Self-Help works that so many people continually clamour for. Dr. Lincoln’s devotion to his study of Psychology, Emotional Healing, and Spiritual Development has culminated in his dictionary-style primer that is intended for not only the practitioner, but the layperson as well. After 50+ years, Dr. Michael J. Lincoln’s work is more sought out and relevant than ever.

Here’s a link to Dr. Lincoln’s site where you can explore Messages from the Body and other books he has written:

How can meditation help?

Meditation can help in 2 ways, big time.

  1. By helping you tune into the “messages” your body is sending you. What is that shoulder tension telling you? How long has it been there? What “burdens” have you been carrying at what expense to your health and well-being? How do your belief systems (unhealthy?) lead you to suffer? Ultimately, helping you trace back to the root of why your body is sending you that message or “distress signal.
  2. By meditating with a Guided Meditation, whose purpose it is for you to isolate a specific “trauma” or “negative event” for the purpose of clearing it from your energy field – and body, like the one below.

Healing and Life Balancing 30 – Minute Guided Meditation

NEW: Healing and Life Balancing Guided Meditation – 30 Minute Version

This new, powerful, self-nurturing 30-Minute Healing and Life Balancing Guided Meditation will help you energetically clear and heal past traumas or negative events.

As stated earlier, much of what makes us feel unwell (dis-ease) has its roots much deeper in our histories than we realize. It is mostly a result of past negative experiences or traumas that exist in the body as negative energy. That negative energy stays with us, unresolved, and wreaks havoc on our physical and emotional bodies, more and more-so over time.

Healing or neutralizing those negative events energetically is key to reversing their detrimental effects on the body so we can achieve optimum health.

23 Clinically Diagnosed Forms of Trauma

Most people aren’t aware that there are 23 forms of clinically diagnosed trauma (negative experiences), as well as hundreds of life-threatening illnesses, which in and of themselves, are traumatic.

These 23 different forms of trauma include:

Physical abuse or assault, child or adult neglect, bullying: victim or bully, forced displacement, traumatic grief/separation, adult sexual abuse or assault, child sexual abuse or assault, victim/witness of domestic violence, victim/witness of school, workplace, community violence, victim/witness of prejudice/racism, war/terrorism, political violence, system-induced trauma, victim/witness of a fatal or near-fatal accident, life-threatening or chronic illness, invasive medical procedure, personal/inter-personal violence, vicarious trauma, child abuse or mistreatment, historical or generational trauma, man-made disaster victim/witness, natural disaster victim/witness and 3 that I have added are social media trauma, victim/witness of a global pandemic, forced impoverishment due to unforeseen circumstances.

Then there are relationship-generated emotional traumas like break-ups, betrayals, being lied to, being manipulated, being the victim of a sociopathic relationship, being stolen from within a committed relationship, being cheated on from within a committed relationship, etc. These too can be equally devastating to one’s life, their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies.

This 30 Minute Guided Healing and Life Balancing Guided Meditation will help you heal or neutralize the energy of any given negative experience from your body in an extremely powerful, loving, nurturing and safe way.

If you would like to clear more than one trauma or negative event, it is best to focus on one instance at a time when working with this Guided Meditation. Re-listen to it as many times as you would like to clear how ever many instances of trauma or negative events you wish.

FYI: A 60 Minute Version will be released within a few days.

Here’s that link to the NEW Healing and Life Balancing 30 Minute Guided Meditation once again:

NEW: Healing and Life Balancing Guided Meditation – 30 Minute Version

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Meditation.Works Guided Meditations help you “get into”, and “stay in” meditation, with ease, so you can ”reset” your mind and body, and instantly benefit from the abundant and scientifically irrefutable benefits meditation has to offer. I'm Renata Duma, and I'm here to share my channelled Guided Meditations with you. As a life-long meditator, I am also a trance channeller, energy healer, intuitive empath and Master UNITY Bubble Facilitator. ( Also, I have been recognized by two different Tibetan Rinpoches, once in 1985 and another time in 2013, to be the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama's Master Student. It is understood that the current 14th Dalai Lama, whose spiritual name is Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, is the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama. Both Rinpoches, separately, told me and wrote out my Tibetan name for me. It is "Yeshe Yangtsom", which means, "luminosity of wisdom". As all my Guided Meditations are directly channelled (or inspired) they have been created to broaden the mind and enhance the meditation experience for all levels of meditators by shedding wisdom and light on many of life’s obstacles that surprisingly are “the path”, and are meant for us to explore - and ultimately overcome - while learning valuable lessons as we travel our unique path. I hope you enjoy and are able to benefit and grow through the wisdom brought forward in my Guided Meditations. And thank you for your meditation practice, which not only serves your growth and expansion, but that of the collective consciousness as well during this time of the great awakening of our beloved Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Namaste. Renata a.k.a. "Yeshe Yangtsom"

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