FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD: BEING IN the Place You Prefer to CREATE the Place You Prefer, or 5D Earth

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“Follow the yellow brick road…” from “The Wizard of Oz”, MGM Studios, 1939

Need a helping hand with your roadmap to manifesting the New 5D Earth, or the “the place you prefer” at this challenging time? When…

…metaphorically speaking, doesn’t the world resemble a place where there’s nothing out there but “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” (in the various forms they show up in), an omnipresent Wicked Witch of the West, cackling, I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!” (in the form they’ve showed up in), and flying monkeys that do her dastardly bidding (in the forms they keep showing up in!)…

…and your only chance of survival depends on following the yellow brick road to see The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to find out how to get home, or to “the place you prefer”, which is in bliss on 5D Earth in all her glory?

When I look around today, given the state of the world, the wizard in me sees two distinct timelines: 3D crumbling and disappearing (out with the old) and 5D on the imminent horizon (in with the new) and “the place that’s preferred”.

That means the old paradigms that have kept humanity bound in chains for the benefit of a select controlling few are collapsing, as the truth of their corruption and purely evil ways is slowly being revealed.

Thankfully, more and more of us, every day, are waking up and seeing the light of truth for the first time in (yup!) hundreds of thousands of years.

If you, like myself, and legions of others, growing in leaps and bounds in number, have “seen the light” and are doing everything you can to bring a positive 5D timeline into reality, then as they say Down Under, “Good on ya, mate!” And read on! This will DEFINITELY HELP. First of all…

Welcome to the good fight.

The fight for truth, for light, for liberty, for sovereignty, for the end of tyranny and oppression on Earth, and for a place in 5D Earth that we will all together co-create.

So how are we going to win this good fight, you and I, and our Earth-soul family, and manifest a beautiful, loving, heart-based society, with clean water, fresh air, nutritious food for all, trauma, disease and age reversing technologies, the complete freedom of the soul’s expression and capabilities as super-humans that we can now only imagine possible? And believe me, it IS all possible…

Well, it’s really quite simple: By BEING IN THE PLACE WE PREFER TO CREATE THE PLACE WE PREFER. Let me explain…

Last week I led with Dorothy’s Over the Rainbow song from The Wizard of Oz. The point was, if you want to create the place you prefer, you need to literally “be in” the place you prefer.

That means you have to picture it in your mind – and set an intention.

“There’s no place like home…”

“There’s no place like home…”, The Wizard of Oz, MGM Studios, 1939

In Dorothy’s case, her intention was to get back “home”; Home to a world she realized she didn’t appreciate earlier because its light was obscured to her.

In the film, the Wizard of Oz asks her to close her eyes, click her heels 3 times and say, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” and poof!

She’s back over the rainbow, back in Kansas, and at the end of her “hero’s journey”, only to find that her bliss was waiting for her there the whole time.

She says in the film at that point, “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with! Is that right?”

It sure is, Dorothy, and the heart’s desire is all it takes to manifest the place you prefer to be. That, and some creative visualization, like what follows...

The Power of Intention

Manifesting 5D begins with the deliberate intention to raise oneself up in every moment, to live in integrity (which means doing the right thing, even when nobody’s watching) and envisioning oneself – and all that is around them – already in a state of perfection; in a state of grace.

According to the spiritual or “woke” community, we’re in for a bumpy ride over the next few months; especially after November 3.

I’m not one to be a chicken little, running around, screaming, “The sky is falling!!!”. But at the same time, I believe my trusted sources are right when they say the world is in for quite the sh– show in the upcoming months.

We’ve been in a little reprieve now, since the beginning of September, but trust me when I say that reprieve will be soon be.

The sky’s NOT falling, but useless, old, 3D systems, organizations, governments, and their corrupt leaders (with EXTREMELY dark agendas) WIL BE falling away, making way for 5D new EVERYTHING.

Be advised: There will be a shock and disbelief factor (if you’re not already savvy to what’s going on), and from what I’m told, it’s not going to be a bed of roses. More like a bed of thorns to get through.

BEING IN the place you prefer to CREATE the place you prefer is what’s going to be the game-changer; As within, so without.

Regardless of the road ahead, personally, I’d rather take it on the chin in the short run, knowing that some very, very nasty things are finally being cleared up on the planet, and that the suffering that has been inflicted on the most vulnerable among us has been put an end to.

In fact, I’d do pretty much anything to know that it’s been put a stop to.

In the meantime, I’m not going to leave you without recourse.

When times get tough, the tough get tougher. But not in the way we used to!


New Age, New Paradigm, New Tools

Fighting fire with fire just makes more fire. Likewise, fighting fear with more fear creates more of the same. Lowering your vibration and succumbing to anxiety is never the answer to ANYTHING.

Reading your anxiety, however, (acknowledging that nasty feeling in the pit of your stomach) is a good thing. Then countering that anxiety by raising your vibe is the next step…

I’m here to help you navigate all of that and offer you a way around getting taken down by the fear-mongerers and oppressors (or flying monkeys… LOL!!!), and the waves shock and grief that sadly, will come soon.

BEING IN the Place You Prefer to CREATE the Place You Prefer: The Exercise

Something I’ve been doing since this whole nasty business began; referring to the global lockdown (though there have been plenty of other nasty things going on on Earth for a millenia, which will soon come to light, but I digress) has helped me not only stay relatively (!) sane throughout all of this, but helps (I trust) contribute to a positive outcome for the collective in the end, which is getting to the place we prefer: 5D.

Here’s how I do it; It’s a simple exercise.

BE in the place you prefer in your mind at some point in the future. 6 months from now is a good benchmark. Imagine you are fully there and it is a Golden Age that surrounds you: Peace and love rule; the anti-human agenda has been quashed; kids are playing in the park, hugging one another in absolute freedom and glee, as are adults, whose smiles are lighting up the entire horizon.

Allow it to be YOUR vision. However 5D shows up for you in your heart and mind is just PERFECT. (No comparing with others’ visions necessary!)

You look back on what you’ve just been through throughout the lockdown and all the other turmoil, and know that you – and everyone else – are going to be just FINE at the end of the day.

You put your TRUST in the universe that exists to support YOU, and not the other way around. You breathe, then you breathe again, and again, until your heart is fully at peace a fully aware that all shall be GOLDEN soon.

It’s in this way that by changing the immediate perspective, by placing my awareness where I prefer it to be, that not only am I not being sucked into the fear, confusion and tumult of the MSM (rather “lame-stream”) narrative, I’m putting myself at ease and building a positive outcome energetically and activating it with my divine, sovereign will.

YOU can do it too!

This, of course, is best done in meditation where you can focus completely.

Bottom line: Energy flows where awareness goes. Turn your awareness and your thoughts to the positive; to a Golden 5D Age for humankind, and help pave the way for the Universe to respond to us with that exquisite, imminent reality.

Oh, and BTW: “You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” – Wizard of Oz

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