CHRIST SPEAKS: How to MEDITATE, CONNECT with “Father-Mother Consciousness”, in Celebration of The Divine Feminine

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As we move fully into the Age of Aquarius; The Age of Enlightenment, The Return of The Christ Consciousness and The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine through the colossal astronomical gateway of December 21, 2020, with the rare arrival of both Solstice and the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurring on the same day, it is fitting for us to contemplate that which we are leaving behind in 2020, and what we can expect in 2021, and beyond.

The last Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurred in 1623, almost 400 years ago, taking us out of the Renaissance and into the Industrial (1760-1970), Machine (1880-1945) and Atomic (1945-present) ages.

Pope Urban VIII was God’s (male) representative on Earth, one of 266 such representatives, from the year AD 30, of which most (196) were born in Italy.

The Patriarchy has existed for as long as we can recall; Religious heads and representatives of all faiths and religions were, and mostly still are, men, with few exceptions.

The Patriarchal Catholic Church, with its head in the Vatican, historically took on the role of the “courthouse” for souls; often exiling, torturing and executing anyone whose understanding of God “differed” in any way from their narrative – or agenda.

The Vatican, BTW, by all intents and purposes, may have already been disbanded, if their Nativity Scene, 2020, is saying what it looks like it is saying;

“Yeah, well, the ‘Gods’ came from the skies. We’ve known it all along but you finally figured it out, so we’re just going to have a bit of fun with it before we crash and burn.”

You can’t even make this stuff up.

Enough is enough. Moving on!

The Resurgence of The Divine Feminine

With the coming of December 21, 2020, we are now FULLY in the embrace of the Age of Aquarius, that brings with it the resurgence of the Divine Feminine.

I say “resurgence”, though from when, no one knows beyond speculation, as recorded history “conveniently” doesn’t go that far back for most of us mere mortals. (There are scant historical accounts of societies on Earth led by females, however that information is virtually impossible to uncover; and even if uncovered, to verify, for obvious reasons.)

That being said, it is widely agreed among today’s awakened and enlightened, that it is high time for a new vocabulary; a new understanding of “God”, one that is inclusive of both The Divine Feminine AND The Divine Masculine.

In short, I say it’s time we embrace and cultivate our Innate Divinity and base all of our relationships (Self with Self, Self with nature and all life-forms within it, Self with another, Self with the collective, Self with beings of light in different dimensions ) on the recognition and respect of The Innate Divine within “The All That Is” or “Father-Mother (Consciousness) God”.

“Father-Mother God” is how Jesus the CHRIST himself referred to “God” in “The Lord’s Prayer” that he created and bestowed upon humanity in the Aramaic language.

Aramaic was the language of Jesus, who spoke the Galilean dialect during his public ministry.

“The Lord’s Prayer” or “Our Father”, as we know it, in the original Aramaic language.

Here is an English translation of the original Aramaic prayer created by Jesus the CHRIST. It is hard not to be shocked by just how much the original, fully-conscious meaning of the prayer has been changed to support a vastly different narrative to that of the CHRIST.

Here are both the modern and original versions (in bold and italics), line by line, for you to compare:

Our Father who art in Heaven,

O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos, you create all that moves in light.

Hallowed be Thy name.

Focus your light within us — make it useful: as the rays of a beacon show the way.

Thy kingdom come,

Unite our “I can” to yours, so that we walk as kings and queens with every creature.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Create in me a divine cooperation — from many selves, one voice, one action.

Give us this day our daily bread,

Grant what we need each day in bread and insight.

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors,

Forgive our hidden past, the secret shames, as we consistently forgive what others hide.

And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil,

Deceived neither by the outer nor the inner — free us to walk your path with joy.

For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.

From you is born all ruling will, the power and life to do, the song that beautifies all from age to age it renews. Amen.

The Aramaic version, by Jesus the CHRIST, Light-bearer of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS

Don’t you think it’s time to tell the truth in 2021 and beyond?

I sure do, as do most awakened Souls, who now measure over 55% of Earth’s population. BTW, demanding the truth be revealed is a direct byproduct of enlightenment. 😉

The Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction AND Solstice, December 21, 2020

In her VLOG this week, the amazing Patricia Cota Robles, cofounder and president of the nonprofit, educational organization New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, explores the meaning behind the pivotal astrological events that are upon us, always referring to God as “Father-Mother God”. Here is a brief excerpt with a link to her actual VLOG below:

“We have just completed one of the most powerful eclipse series we’ve ever experienced. That is due to the fact that truly life-transforming events have taken place since January 1, 2020, which birthed this new decade.

Humanity and Mother Earth are now able to safely receive higher frequencies of 5th dimensional, crystalline solar light from the celestial alignments occurring throughout the universe than ever before.

This is allowing us to greatly accelerate our ascension process.

When this new decade with birthed in January, we were told by our Father-Mother God in the Company of Heaven, that during the next 10 years, humanity will change the course of history for Mother Earth and all her life.

They said that, during this time, humanity will develop latent abilities through which we will literally transfigure our earthly bodies and our outer world experiences into the heart-based patterns of perfection associated with the New Earth.

The Beings of Light said that seemingly miraculous transfiguration will be accomplished through a greatly expanded collaboration between the company of Heaven and the awakened humanity.

Our Father-Mother God revealed that this degree of collaboration between Heaven and Earth has never before been attempted…

Now, as this unprecedented year comes to a close, we have the opportunity to participate in two final activities of light that will assist Mother Earth and all life evolving upon her to transcend the painful vestiges of manipulation, oppression and control from the Old Earth that are now being dismantled and are crumbling away.

The Company of Heaven has affirmed that through the unified efforts of awakening humanity and the Divine intervention we will receive from these celestial events, Mother Earth and all her life will ascend a quantum leap forward into the new patterns of the heart-based template for the New Earth.

The final two activities of light for 2020 involved the December 21st Solstice and a rare alignment between the planets Jupiter and Saturn, known as the Grand Conjunction.

The Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn takes place every 20 years but this year, the closeness of the two planets, and certain other aspects of this conjunction, will make it a very rare event.

This particular Grand Conjunction is being heralded as a-once-in-a-lifetime show in the December sky.

With only about one 10th of a degree separating the two planets they will almost look like a single planet shining in the sky.

This will be the closest grand conjunction in nearly 400 years.

The last time this occurred was in 1623.

Jupiter and Saturn will appear closest together on December 21, which is the Solstice.

The Grand Conjunction occurs when Jupiter and Saturn align with the same degree of the zodiac.

For the past 200 years this grand conjunction has been occurring in Earth signs.

In 2020, during the Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn with align in the air sign of Aquarius.

This alignment will take place at 0° of Aquarius, which represents infinite potential and limitless possibilities.

The Beings of Light said that the Solstice and the Grand Conjunction taking place at the same time during this life-transforming year of 2020 will create an extraordinary opportunity for humanity, en masse, to co-create a tremendous shift within our collective worldview, and our individual and collective visions for the New Earth.

The Earth is now in the full embrace of the age of Aquarius.

The Grand Conjunction aligning at 0° in the air sign of Aquarius is creating a sacred space for “I AM” presence of every son and daughter of God evolving on Earth to elevate our holy breath.

This will allow each of us to receive higher frequencies of prana and our life force with every breath we take.”

— Patricia Cota Robles, VLOG, December 14, 2020

Patricia Cota Robles, December 14, 2020 VLOG

I sure like the sound of infinite potential and limitless possibilities. May it be so, Patricia, may it be so… Thank you for your wonderful work. 🙂

The Resurgence of The Divine Feminine and CHRIST SPEAKS: HOW TO MEDITATE

I came across this incredible video a couple of weeks ago with a male voice reading a letter from Jesus the CHRIST, telling us all about what meditation is (and isn’t) and just HOW TO meditate.

Well, I was floored by it.

Remember, I mentioned above that “Father-Mother God” is how Jesus the CHRIST himself referred to “God” in “The Lord’s Prayer” that he created and bestowed upon humanity in the Aramaic language.

It is in the same way that Jesus the CHRIST refers to God in this Letter to Humanity on How to Meditate, The CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS WAY.

As someone who has probably pretty much “heard it all” in my 40+ years of meditating and studying meditation, from within the ancient Eastern schools to modern day science, I was so deeply moved by its content that I decided to recreate a video of it myself to share with you.

Only in this instance, to honour the resurgence of The Divine Feminine, it is my voice speaking the words of the Divine Masculine CHRIST.

The video is 33 minutes long. You can treat it as a Guided Meditation – there’s the sound of a bell at the beginning, signifying “time to close your eyes” and the same sound at the end, signifying “time to open your eyes”.

The addition of the words “Let this be from my Heart to yours” is my dedication, that it may indeed be from my Heart to yours, and that it may touch and move yours as deeply and profoundly as it does mine.

For the highest and greatest good of all, in the Service to the “All That Is”, The One Infinite Creator.

Adonai... Renata.

Here is a link to the New Guided Meditation, CHRIST SPEAKS: HOW TO MEDITATE – 33 MINUTE VERSION:

In my next Blog, I will publish the written version for the hearing impaired.

The original version can be found here: on “The Impersonal Life” YouTube Channel.

Sananda, the Embodiment of the Christ Consciousness

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