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The “I AM” and New Earth Guided Meditation from Meditation.Works

Within the next 9 hours or so, or beginning at midnight, tonight, December 21, 2020, the Earth, her consciousness, and all who dwell upon her, will be moving fully into the Age of Aquarius; The Age of Enlightenment, The Return of The Christ Consciousness and The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine through the colossal astronomical gateway occurring then, with the rare arrival of both Solstice and the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurring on the same day.


If you’re here on the planet right now, consider yourself as having won a front row ticket to the greatest event that has EVER happened in the entire Universe: The ascension of Earth AND her inhabitants. Hasn’t happened before. ANYWHERE, or so many of us who study this kind of phenomena have it on excellent authority.

The last Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurred in 1623, almost 400 years ago, taking us out of the Renaissance and into the Industrial (1760-1970), Machine (1880-1945) and Atomic (1945-present) ages.

“Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees 29 minutes Aquarius will make an exact grand trine with Alcyone (our local central sun in the Pleiades) at 0 degrees 17 minutes Gemini, and M87 galaxy (a major galaxy in the Virgo cluster, as source of galactic love for this sector of the universe) at 1 degrees 13 minutes Libra.

This grand trine will bring extremely powerful energies of cosmic love to the planet and this will be the trigger that will begin the Age of Aquarius new cycle.

The flash of cosmic love energies will originate from the M87 galaxy in Virgo supercluster and it will be much more powerful than the flash which reached the Earth from M87 during the AION portal activation.”

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This 15 Minute, POWERFUL “I AM” and New Earth Mantra will allow you to connect with the highest and purest vibrations available in order to help ground your “I AM” Presence into the New Earth, 5D Template during this time of planetary ascension as we move into the New Earth and into the Golden Age, expected to arrive in 2032.

This Guided Meditation will also assist you to put your intention forward for a beautiful, peaceful and thriving 5D Earth that we will co-create with all of humanity.

Created especially for you yesterday, December 19, 2020 with the intention of assisting you in your ascension process...

Repeat it every day to help ground you in your heart, your sovereignty and your “I AM” Presence.

Thank you for meditating with Meditation.Works today.

A special thank you to Michelle Fielding, Spiritual Coach, for bringing the “I AM” Mantra to my attention and to the attention of her many YouTube, Vimeo and Patreon followers.


And now, a song that was WAYYYYY ahead of it’s time! Please ENJOY!!!

The Fifth Dimension – “The Age of Aquarius” ❤

With deep gratitude….

And as always, Happy Meditating!

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With great “Lovitude”,



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As always, Happy Meditating!

Let this be from my Heart to yours,


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Meditation.Works Guided Meditations help those who want to “GET INTO”, and “STAY IN” meditation, do so with ease, so they can ”reset” their mind and body, and instantly benefit from the abundant and scientifically irrefutable benefits meditation has to offer. I’m Renata Duma, and aside from this NEW Meditation.Works Blog, where it's a whole new world of meditation, Meditation.Works style, I also offer my Guided Meditation .mp4’s, in 15 and 30 minute versions to both adult beginners and seasoned meditators, on a growing roster of inspirational, motivational and transformational subjects, with hundreds of Guided Meditations soon to be released for adults, children, teens and elders, on subject matters that matter to them most! Aside from other positions I have held and occupations I've undertaken during my lifetime, I’m a Mindfulness Meditation Coach, intuitive empath, healer and life-long meditator (at least as long as I can remember!), whose dream of a lifetime has been to share my Guided Meditations with the world, and help others heal themselves through the awesome and indisputable power of meditation and the many and mighty benefits it offers. My Guided Meditations help meditators overcome the number one reason most people quit meditating, and that is they just can’t get beyond “monkey mind”, or the incessant mental chatter that occurs as a natural response when trying to quieten the mind in silent meditation. The fact is, extensive clinical trials have proven that meditators who meditate for just 15 minutes a day – with a Guided Meditation – receive the exact same physiological, psychological and emotional benefits from meditating as when meditating in silence. That includes an instant 40% reduction in stress and anxiety, and achieving any goal 4 times faster, with a 50% increased chance of success at maintaining that goal indefinitely! My Guided Meditations also broaden the mind and enhance the meditation experience for all levels of meditators by shedding wisdom and light on many of life’s obstacles that surprisingly are “the path”, and are meant for us to explore and ultimately overcome and learn valuable lessons from... For more, please visit the ABOUT US page on the Blog Site. As always, Happy Meditating! With great "Lovitude", Renata

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