Is ONLY Seeing Believing? FAKE News, Looking, SEEING and BELIEVING Within Through Meditation

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Uncategorized – Fictional creation of an impossible maneuver. This is the original CGI visual effects test video that was copied for use in a fake news story. This is an entirely original narrative work created and owned by Aristomenis Tsirbas

Is ONLY seeing believing?

Ask yourself this: why is it called a “program” on your tel-a-vision?

It’s 2021 and anyone with descent computer skills can create any kind of illusion they want if they put in the effort it takes. I rest my case with the video above.

Where then, do we find our proof? What do we believe? What is our reality litmus test?

If we cannot trust most external sources, there is only one obvious answer: and that is to go within. Your “internal” reality will never deceive you as it IS you. It is where you generate that “gut feeling” that has never led you down the garden path, even if your ego overrode it and did take you down the garden path. Once realized, you inevitably always say to yourself, “Why didn’t I trust my gut on this in the first place?” Right?

Well, meditation is like THE litmus test of all litmus tests. Whatever happens there is the real deal, as long as there have been no mind-altering substances added to the mix.

Pure consciousness is what connects us all through the aethers and it is the place and stuff of all things. I mean ALL THINGS.


Every single thing in this universe – and beyond – has it’s very own vibratory signature; the chair you are sitting on, the rock you skip over the lake, the lake, and even your thoughts about skipping that rock.

Consider this:

Are radio waves real even though you can’t hear them? Check.

Are dog whistles real even though you can’t hear them (and Fido does)? Check.

Are little organisms, called bacteria, crawling all over your skin real even though you can’t see or feel them? Check.

Is the internet real even though you can’t see it? Hell-o, yeah… Checkaroonie.

Quantum Physics has now proven that within all objects (and all objects are made up of matter) there are billions of subatomic particles just teeming, popping and careening with energy, affecting everything they come into contact with to one degree or another – be it perceptible or not – to the human eye.

Bottom line: Just because we can’t see (taste, smell, hear or touch) subatomic activity with our own eyes – does that make it any less real? Sure as heck not.

If this is true, then why is it still so difficult to for humanity to conceptualize just how very much we influence one another energetically?

There is another law in physics: If two cells are vibrating at different frequencies, and if they are brought together within their vibratory fields, the one vibrating at a lesser frequency will always raise it’s vibration to the frequency of the higher vibrating cell.

BOOM. Just take that one in.

Let’s explore… and not just because Valentine’s Day is being celebrated today in most parts of the world, but because in essence, love is the essence of the energy of the Universe because it is it’s NATURE. But more on that in another blog post. Continuing on…

Can we all agree that “love” is a higher vibe or frequency than “hate” or “anger”? It would be counter-intuitive not to.

Masaru Emoto, Japanese author and scientist, proved that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water (no surprise there). Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages in Water, was published in 2004 and was a New York Times best seller (not that that’s any real measure of its value as its value lies only in the integrity of the work presented within it).

Here’s an image of a crystal formed with the word “love” written on the outside of a container that carried the energy of love to the water:

And here’s an image of a crystal formed with the words “you disgust me” written on the outside of the container that carried the energy of disgust to the water:

The proof is self-evident. Look up for yourself what “hate” or “angry” looks like in crystalline form. Not a pretty picture.

CONCLUSION: Love = High Vibe. Actually, the highest vibe there is.

Time to Raise the Bar

If we raise our vibration, those around us cannot help but raise theirs. This is an indisputable law of physics.

Question is, how do we raise our vibration significantly?

Here are two other Emoto images that will illustrate what I’m getting at.

Given that humans are essentially made of water (about 90%), the following image is actually about the most encouraging one I have to offer in these trying times of change:

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that meditation is the closest thing to prayer there is. And its universally applicable and uniformly successful – when done right with the right intention, just like prayer.

Done en masse, meditation (like prayer) has the potential to eradicate all the discord, hatred and violence that has taken over on the planet. Every single bit of it.

And it has the potential to reveal the TRUTH – in every instance.

The “Expressing Love and Gratitude” Guided Meditation

Here’s one way to access the feelings of love – and gratitude. This Guided Meditation has been watched over 1,100 times just on my YouTube Channel. There are also 30 and 60 Minute Versions that have longer musical interludes but the same amount of spoken content.

This 15 Minute, beautiful, nurturing and loving Expressing Love and Gratitude Guided Meditation will help you get centred in your heart, the place from which all goodness and manifestation flows!

Through feeling and expressing love and gratitude, or “Lovitude”, we are able to experience the nature of our true selves which is none other than LOVE – and lay the foundation for whatever we choose to manifest in our lives, be it love (in any of its many forms), any form of abundance, or the fulfillment of any positive desire or outcome.

Let this Guided Meditation take you on a journey into your heart and lay the foundation for a day filled with positive outcomes as you feel and internally express your “Lovitude”.

So, is JUST seeing believing? I hope you agree with me that it most certainly is not.

FAKE NEWS: Discerning What’s REAL in the MEDIA Today

I think we can safely say that right now, 99% of what you are being force-fed in the MSM is fake, if not twisted information, trying to sway the sheeple this way or that for an unspeakable, dark agenda. I believe this has now been almost thwarted and in the next month or so, the world will have some pretty big reveals it will have to deal with.

I started out this Blog with a video that was made expressly for deceiving people through MSM for a reason: I’m going to challenge you to start using your “inner vision” and your “gut feeling” when you start seeing what’s about to be revealed in the world. Yes, very soon.

There will, of course, be some that will never see the truth, even when its blatantly staring them in the face. If you are reading this, you either already know what’s coming down the pike, or you’re going to be giving your head a HUGE proverbial shake, but that’s to be expected.

If it’s a shock to you (not prophesying doom and gloom here, just saying facts will be revealed soon) you will likely go through the grief cycle; disbelief, sadness, anger and eventually – and not for some time because this will be tough – acceptance.

Forgiveness will be the key to helping you move on. Trust me on that one. Remember, the foundation for all and everything is LOVE, and if you want your world to look like that exquisite crystal that had the word “LOVE” written on it, it won’t happen without forgiveness in your heart. It will ultimately set us all free.

You’ve got all it takes inside.

See you there, in meditation.

I’m here to help any way I can.

Namaste, brothers and sisters, and may your world be LOVE and may every day be Valentine’s Day in it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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