10 Spiritual Truths for Our NEW Earth: GAIA to ARIA

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That’s truth Number 1.

If you knew your innate, Divine, sovereign nature – the one you have been programmed to forget in the 3D matrix, you would see all of Creation, and your perfect place in it, in an entirely different light.

Time to WAKE UP and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! You ARE Light, you ARE Love and you ARE Infinite Awareness…


Oh, and yes. Spoiler alert: Gaia, going forward in 5D shall be known as ARIA. Think even She is in need of a new song to sing, and so she shall. So be it and so it is.

Maybe the following will help

What would today be like if just 10 spiritual truths were respected and taught in schools and were the cornerstone of our mass, mainstream (“lamestream”, as it is today) media? Ahhh, perchance to dream!

Try some of these ideas on for size; they may just expand your heart and change your life for the better, forever. Over to you.


Humans are spiritual beings on a perceived physical journey (Not getting into the specifics of ether right now, but you can look it up yourself.). Before we were born into a “physical” body, we planned a moment in time when we would wake up and know how to answer, “Who am I and what am I doing here?” The womb was a tunnel of forgetting and we knew in advance the biggest risk was that we wouldn’t in fact remember. HUGE bummer if that’s the case. Truth is, we were never disconnected from Source and Light, just under the illusion that we are. Our challenge is to grow our inner Light so that not only we remember, but that our Light is able to awaken others. Now that’s gas!


Our Souls and Higher Selves never die, we only switch meat suits. When it’s time to disconnect the cord of life from the physical body, the Soul rises outside the physical body, both literally and figuratively. It takes with it the experience of the life lived and the focus then changes to suit the dimension it now inhabits. We will never have the same physical form in a future life because each Soul expression is unique to that time and place of evolution; it was so agreed upon prior to entering the Earth realm.


Everything is energy, vibrating at its unique frequency. All living things on Gaia, soon to be Aria, have a consciousness, even cats, stones and trees. ESPECIALLY CATS. Don’t get me started on mine… LOL.

You are your I AM PRESENCE, able to connect with every other I AM PRESENCE in the galaxy, for we are all ONE.

All consciousness is connected to the “tree of life”: the embodiment of Infinite Source Energy. We can also connect with the consciousness of trees and stones, and can even initiate conversations with them on their unique vibrational frequencies (and I have yet to have an uninteresting conversation with a rock; they are just do comfortable in the “beingness” and have zero concept of time. Very cool.

On the other hand, conversations with my cat are far more entertaining, and usually have to do with something I’m not getting quite right, like not THOSE treats, you idiot, the other ones! LOL).

Our bodies are 90% water – and 100% ether, of which only about 6% is solid matter, as it is only that which encases the molecules of ether that is solid. Our bodies, rather our consciousness, can be tuned towards a certain vibrational frequency, through thoughts, sound, colour, and love. The moment we fully understood these vibrations, will be the day we are able to teleport, communicate telepathically, heal any human disease, and a bunch of other really, really cool stuff.

It’s what will happen when we REMEMBER WHO WER TRULY ARE.

Ready to remember?

It’s TIME, beautiful Soul!

We will continue with the rest of the Spiritual Truths next time. In the meantime, meditation is ALWAYS a great idea. Helps get those “remembering juices” flowing!

Here’s one of my faves:

This 15 Minute, powerful “I AM” and NEW EARTH Mantra will allow you to connect with the highest and purest vibrations available in order to you help ground your “I AM” Presence into the New Earth, 5D Template during this time of planetary ascension as we move into the New Earth and into the Golden Age, expected to arrive in 2032.

This Guided Meditation will also assist you to put your intention forward for a beautiful, peaceful and thriving 5D Earth that we will co-create with all of humanity. Repeat it every day to help ground you in your heart, your sovereignty and your “I AM” Presence.

A special thank you to Michelle Fielding, Spiritual Coach, for bringing the “I AM” Mantra to my attention and to the attention of her many YouTube, Vimeo and Patreon followers. Here’s a link to her AMAZING YouTube Channel:


Please do check her out. She has an incredible Angel Course and an Ascension Course I just finished. You won’t want to miss out on it, believe me!


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As always, Happy Meditating!

With great “Lovitude”,


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