Today’s Thought for the NOW and THE LORD’S PRAYER IN ARAMAIC Guided Meditation

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Now, as you see and contemplate this, take a moment to just breathe in deep… and breathe out long…

and there you go… You’re meditating, just like that. 🙂

And if you have 15 more minutes today to meditate, this Guided Meditation will instantly transport you back to the time of Yeshua, when he walked the Earth plane as the one known also as Jesus the Christ.

This Guided Meditation is a spoken version of the Lord’s Prayer in the original Aramaic language as it would have been communicated to us by Yeshua, Himself, during his lifetime on Earth, which was (surprise, surprise!) actually around 1200 AD, I understand. There’s tons of scientific research available to support that claim.

Do the research yourself and see what you come up with! It’s TIME we stopped taking everyone else’s word as gospel truth (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) and use not only all the research devices we have at our disposal these days (your computer, not your tell-a-vision set!), coupled with some critical thinking. If you do, you’ll be AMAZED at what you will uncover… You can trust me on that one AND take it to the bank.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s not for the faint of heart. Prepare to experience some cognitive dissonance as you de-“program”. Once over it, you’ll find it was well worth the effort.

I’ll get you started off. As Cedric Michel-Leclerc writes in the synopsis in one of the videos he has posted (link below)…

“In the majority of countries it is agreed to begin the chronology of humanity from the birth of Jesus Christ. But how was it possible to determine in which year the Christ was born? In the Bible there are no dates … Mathematicians Anatoly Fomenko and Gleb Nosovsky tried to find an exact answer using the methods of the exact sciences. The result of this research is striking! It appears that the date of Christ’s birth, which is generally accepted today, is incorrect..”

Here’s a link to that video:

Once inside this Guided Meditation (link below), you will hear a thoughtful line-by-line translation in English offered after the Aramaic phrases so you can contemplate the deepest understanding of the beautiful and deeply profound Aramaic version.

Here’s a secret: Listen to it every day, and it will help ground you in the Christ Consciousness, or just listen to it whenever you want to elevate your heart to the realms of pure love and bliss; the seat of the ALL THAT IS and the ONE Infinite Creator.

Here’s my 15 Minute version of The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic that will help you do just that!



From my Heart to Yours,

Together with Meditation.Works, let’s cultivate balanced, abundant, healthy and co-creative lives, and build a global culture that advocates healing on all levels, self-transformation, compassion and true well-being, through the boundless power of cultivating compassion through meditation.

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As always, Happy Meditating!

With great “LOVITUDE”,


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