The UNITY Bubble Process: Renata Duma, Master Level Facilitator

Renata Duma, MASTER LEVEL UNITY Bubble Facilitator


When people first hear the words “UNITY Bubble”, it’s usually not the “UNITY” part that they find a tad confusing, rather it’s the “Bubble” part, pretty much every time. This is totally understandable! So here’s an explanation that should explain the name once and for all… thoroughly!

Besides literally being a living, 8th dimensional, spherical, approximately 18 to 36 inch in diameter, personalized energetic field that is transferred and attached to one’s energy body, it’s also an energetic “space” that will make you feel like your authentic self again; your “childlike” self – innocent and fun loving!

It was only fitting that the word “Bubble” was used to describe the UNITY field, because it really is all about helping you get back to “happy”; back to the “self-realized and authentic” you, and getting you in the “flow” with life on Earth.

Jesus said, “Lest ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Given that heaven isn’t a ‘Place”, rather “ a state of being”, what Jesus meant by that was that you need to regain your childhood innocence and that will lead you to a life “in heaven”, on Earth. And that’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Once you’ve taken your UNITY Bubble for a spin a few times (with the assistance of one of our highly capable and FUN Facilitators, you’re going to definitely get the “playful” bit as you “release” your way to “Effortless Living” through the 7 UNITY Bubble Protocols.

The UNITY Bubble is especially effective in the area of Overcoming Addiction. In fact, we are teaming up with a new OA Modality Provider in early 2021, and it’s going to be amazing!

I’ll be updating you on that mid January. Continuing on…

To give you a visual on the Protocols, think of your UNITY Bubble like a basic car; it will get you around alright, but there are no bells and whistles. It’s the Protocols that are the “bells and whistles”; rather energetic infusions to the already existing “field of the Bubble, that will ultimately lead you to that “happily Bubbled ever after” place. And happy you will be. Believe it.

BTW, I’m a MASTER LEVEL UNITY Bubble Facilitator, so that means not only can I rock your world with a Bubble, I can also facilitate all the Protocols, or energetic infusions to the Bubble, and get you to your fun, blissful and happy “Bubble” place, and certify new Facilitators.

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Renata Duma, Visionary, CEO,
Meditation.Works and The UNITY Bubble, Master Facilitator

“My UNITY Bubble is an absolute life-saver! Stuff still comes up, but now I have the tool of the century to zap that stuff into oblivion. And BOOM! There I am, back in my happy place!”

Liz K., Waterloo, ON, CANADA